What Can Blessed Flower Essences Do For You?

When it comes to supporting your emotional, mental, personality or behavior needs, flower essences can't be beat. Bach flowers are holistic, homeopathic, natural remedies to improve your overall well being & quality of life. They can improve attitudes, change belief systems or mindsets, minimize personality disorders or character flaws, and lift the spirit. We believe the Blessed Flower Essences are the best that Alternative, Complementary, Vibrational Medicine, and natural health have to offer. Discover all the ways they could improve your life and try them for yourself!

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Combination Essences

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Our powerful practical applications take the guesswork out of choosing the right essences for your needs. Whether you suffer from raging emotions or just want clarity, stability, peace or patience, there's got to be something for just about everyone! Try our flower remedies and we think the benefits will be clear... Emotional Stability, Mental Clarity, Health & Well-Being.

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Top Sellers

All Better

All Better Product ThumbnailIt is shocking how many people are overly sensitive to their environment. Allergies are one of the most common affliction that have people seeking alternative medicine and holistic care. Further,...[Read this Article]



Sleep Product Image ThumbnailFind out why this powerful flower essence combination bouquet is our top seller! So many people who came through our healing and teaching center had Insomnia Night waking Restless... [Read this Article]



Student Blessed flower EssencesAny full time student would agree that to be a skilled and diligent learner requires mental agility and even physical endurance. It is particularly challenging to be forced to study... [Read this Article]



Peace Blessed Flower EssencesThis lovely bouquet started as a modern day version of Dr. Edward Bach's Original Rescue Remedy. We're convinced if Dr. Bach were alive today he would have included walnut. It... [Read this Article]


Newest Editions


Transition Blessed Flower Essences Product ThumbnailMajor life changes can leave one feeling insecure, excited, and needing direction. Although change is a necessary and normal part of life, it can definitely take its toll. It can leave us... [Read this Article]



Stress Blessed Flower Essences Product ThumbnailAnyone who doesn't think they are stressed are either taking steps to manage it or are probably in denial. In fact, there are many authorities who believe that stress is the origin... [Read this Article]



Professional Blessed Flower Essences Product ThumbnailWould your life be different if you could show up to work everyday with your A-Game? Would you be first in line for promotion? Could you earn the respect of your boss and maybe... [Read this Article]



Crave Blessed Flower Essences Product ThumbnailMore and more we've seemed to become an instant gratification society. We like what we like in spite of potential consequences. We've developed this flower essence combination... [Read this Article]


About Flower Essences

History of Bach flower Remedies ThumbnailHistory of Bach Flower Remedies


Traditional Flower Essences were discovered nearly 80 years ago by Medical Doctor, Researcher, Bacteriologist, and Homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. They are most widely known for their effectiveness and safety in treating: Emotional Disorders Mental Conditions Personality Conflicts Psychological Dysfunctions Each flower essence captures both the virtuous side of the personality in health and... [Read this Article]



Flower Essences: Soothing Mind, Body & Spirit ThumbnailFlower Essences: Soothing Mind, Body & Spirit


Flower essences have been used successfully for over 80 years. They are an all natural holistic approach to overall wellness. They have no harmful chemicals or side effects. This makes them completely safe for absolutely everyone – Babies, elderly, sick or fragile, alike. The Blessed Flower Essences™ work by bringing positive energetic vibrations to the body through your everyday drinking... [Read this Article]



What Takes Our Essences Beyond Bach's ThumbWhat Brings Our Essences Beyond Bach’s?


“They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing that gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures to bring us nearer to our Souls, and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings.” … In Bach’s Own Words There are a couple things that make the Blessed Flower Essences™ product line unique. The most significant differences are: Ours Use... [Read this Article]




Image of Dr. Edward Bach Founder of Flower EssencesBiography of Dr. Edward Bach – Founder of Flower Essences


Dr. Edward Bach was a classically trained Physician, Homeopath, Pathologist and Bacteriologist. He spent most of his career studying the relationship between mental or emotional states, personality, and how disease manifested in the body. Bach strived for a more natural, humane and effective way of medicine. He developed probably the safest and perhaps the most effective method of healing the... [Read this Article]



Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger Founder of Blessed Flower EssencesBiography of Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger – Founder of Blessed Flower Essences


Our essences were developed by board certified, Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger. She has worked and studied in the medical and health fields for more than 20 years. Like Dr. Bach, she began her career in traditional medicine. Also, like Bach she took her Hippocratic Oath very seriously and doesn’t believe allopathic medicine always adheres to “first doing no harm.” This... [Read this Article]



Bioenergetic Researcher Proves Value of Bach RemediesAn Alt Med Researcher Proves Power of Bach’s Remedies?


While I was working on my dissertation which was on, you guessed it… bioenergetics; I was running a lab procedure. I was point probe testing the skin resistance on an acupuncture meridian. I used an electrodermal screening device (EDS also known as EAV or Electro acupuncture according to Voll) to prove what verbal muscle testing indicated as a weakened meridian and what was indicating restoring... [Read this Article]



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