Make Most of Workday! Bach Flowers For Confidence, Motivation, Leader & Success

Designed to Help You Start Your Business Day Right! It Boosts Success, Confidence, Motivation, Leadership, Concentration, Diplomacy & Team Player Attitudes.

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Professional: a Combination Remedy

Would your life be different if you could show up to work everyday with your A-Game?

Would you be first in line for promotion?

Could you earn the respect of your boss and maybe even their boss?

I think it is safe to say, it could have some far reaching effects. We developed this flower essence bouquet to help you make the most of your workday. It was developed to boost motivation, confidence, and productivity and to help become a team player, all with a positive can-do attitude.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Professional

Image of Cerato Blessed Flower Essences IconCeratoCeratostigma Willmottiana

Cerato was chosen for its ability to make an individual conscientious, thoughtful and diplomatic. It helps us think for and assert ourselves. It also helps improve short attention spans and a lack of concentration and confidence.

Image of Clematis Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisClematis Vitalba

This flower essence was chosen for its ability to foster creativity, mental clarity and alertness. It also helps with goal setting, creative writing and keeps us in the present moment. This helps keep us sharp when doing mundane tasks. It prevents distraction and procrastination.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeamCarpinus Betulus

This essence was chosen because sometime you just don’t feel like it! When one is plagued with procrastination, burnout, lack of interest in work, unmotivated, stagnation and boredom. It promotes feelings of success, strength, vitality and mental sharpness. It helps build good positive can-do attitudes & self-confidence. All the qualities you’d want in a professional.

Image of Impatiens Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiensImpatiens Glandulifera

This essence is for the slave-driving, mover and shaker who is unable to delegate tasks because others are just too slow. If this area is out of balance, one is likely to make careless errors or make impulsive decisions. They can also be a little challenging to work with or have difficulties seeing and using talents of others. It will help instill a positive team-player attitude. It also helps calm anxieties and impatience.

Image of Larch Blessed Flower Essences IconLarchLarix Decidua

Larch IS the confidence building essence. It is helpful when one feels inferior, expects failure, is unable to take risks, is timid, and passive. It was chosen for its ability to help reach goals, taking initiative, building tenacity and determination.

Image of Vervain Blessed Flower Essences IconVervainVerbena Officinalis

Anytime one is overly intense, high strung, over achievers who are passionate about their work or causes this is the flower remedy to take. Just look at the flower… It looks like it is trying to climb the corporate ladder. It makes people extroverted, goal-oriented, and enthusiastic. When balanced, these types will be ambitious without imposing or badgering others. It helps set priorities and goals.

Image of Walnut Blessed Flower Essences IconWalnutJuglans Regia

This flower essence was chosen for its ability to help us tune-out outside distractions. This is a must in the “cube” working environment when there is a lot going on. Walnut helps protect us from all outside influences, even the electromagnetic fields of computers or equipment. It also prevents naivety, gullibility, and excessive trustfulness – which makes it perfect when facing polished sales pitches and contract negotiations. It also builds inner stability and assertiveness.


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