Our Powerful Combination Flower Essences

Making Your Choices Easy!

We’ve taken some of the guess work out of deciding which flower essence remedies might be right for you. Most people are not well versed on the many different essences available and what each one does. We hope the practical applications of our combination essences help showcase the health and soothing potential of flower essences. Keep in mind that flower remedies are truly complementary therapies. One that enhance any other healing methods you use. They are completely safe and there are no known contra indications with medications, herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, or the like.

What’s In the Blessed Flower Essences?

All our lovely practical application combinations, or bouquets as they are often called, offer at least 7 different flower essences. This makes them all very powerful combinations. Plus they contain 16 proprietary potencies for each essence – Most floral essences including Bach’s Flower Remedies contain only one. Multiple potencies are known as multi-chords. Ours target both tissues and emotional issues that are acute or surface and a chronic or deep nature. This is the primary reason we believe our essences do the job better than any other flower remedy on the market.

To ensure the highest purity our essences are imprinted on distilled water instead of spring water as they were in Bach’s time. Obviously, we live in different times now – One where water contamination is a serious concern. We use minimal alcohol (8%) certified gluten-free vodka to preserve them. If the minute amount of alcohol is of concern, you can heat some water to boiling, remove from heat, add the essences and allow to cool. This will evaporate the alcohol. However, the fact is your body’s own natural processes make more alcohol than the trace amounts you would get from using our products. We have also added trace amounts of cellfood which add trace ionic minerals and oxygen, to act as a cellular carrier and also preserves them.

How Do I Take Them?

Our products are remedies that work best when they are consumed regularly. To use the Blessed Flower Essences couldn’t be more simple…

  • Drop – A couple drops into your regular drinking water (distilled, purified, spring or mineral)
  • Tap – Shake, or swirl water to activate the essences
  • Drink – Hydrate as you usually would (several ounces of water at regular intervals all throughout the day to total 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day)

Practical Applications $ 15.95

Alert Blessed Flower Essence Image All Better Blessed Flower Essence Image Crave Blessed Flower Essence Image


Designed to Increase Mental Clarity, Alertness, Memory & Attention. It Reduces Mental Fatigue, Fuzziness, Distraction & Racing Overactive Mind. …More

All Better

Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings.…More


Designed to Help You Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Boosts Willpower, Resolve, & A “Can-Do” Attitude. …More

Depression Blessed Flower Essence Image Family Bliss Blessed Flower Essence Image Fatigue Blessed Flower Essence Image


Designed to Boost Joy, Optimism, Enthusiasm & Humor. It Rids Staleness, Hopelessness, Depression, Discouragement, Sorrow & Pessimism …More

Family Bliss

Designed to Foster Love, Tolerance, Patience, Gentility, Compassion, Inspiration, & Team Work. It Rids Smothering, Tantrums & Bickering …More


Designed to Boost Energy, Strength,Vitality, Vigor & Endurance. It Reduces Burnout, Drowsiness, Weariness, Hypnotic Trances & Boredom. ….More

Grief Blessed Flower Essence Peace Blessed Flower Essence Professional Blessed Flower Essence


Designed for Traumatic Events & the Passing of Loved Ones. It Reduces Shock, Worry for Family, Sorrow, Sadness & Grief. It Aids Letting Go of Past. …More


Designed to Support the Body During Times of Injury & Shock. Also, Anytime When Calmness, Protection, Balance, Rationality, or Clarity is Needed. …More


Designed to Help You Start Your Business Day Right! It Boosts Success, Confidence, Motivation, Leadership, Concentration, Diplomacy & Team Player Attitudes. …More

Sleep Blessed Flower Essence Stress Blessed Flower Essence Student Blessed Flower Essence


Designed to Help You Get a Restful Night Sleep. It Offers Mental & Physical Calmness & Relaxation. It Soothes Anxieties, a Racing Mind, Stress & Tension …More


Designed to Support Nervous Conditions & Stress. It Offers Relief For the Fight or Flight Response. It Restores Calm, Patience, Rationality, & Stability …More


Designed to Support Learning, Retention & Comprehension. It Prevents Distraction, Daydreaming, Carelessness & Boredom. It Aids Observation & Memory. …More

Transition Blessed Flower Essence


Designed to Help You in Times of Change. It Boosts Judgement, Instincts, Communication, Control, Decision Making & Letting Go of the Past. …More

“These plants are there to extend a helping hand to man in those dark hours of forgetfulness, when he loses sight of his divinity, and allows the cloud of fear or pain to obscure his vision.Bach’s Words


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