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Recently, I was a little stunned when looking over my sales numbers. It seems my personal favorite flower essence combination didn’t quite make the cut. In fact, Professional is my all time favorite early morning essences. It comes up for me so often when muscle testing during the workday!

Last week several times my husband said to me… “I don’t know what my problem is – I just CAN NOT get motivated” I told him he needed hornbeam & to try professional. It must have worked! Within minutes I was getting notices of ads he had written & posted. Quickly followed by hearing him on the phone the rest of the afternoon.

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Designed to Help You Start Your Business Day Right! It Boosts Success, Confidence, Motivation, Leadership, Concentration, Diplomacy & Team Player Attitudes.

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Designed to Handle Intimacy Issues. It Fosters Independence, Acceptance of Self & Others. It Rids All Common Reasons We Push Others Away.

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This is such as good flower essence remedy combination when one is feeling isolated and lonely – Like no one understands them. This type might need others to validate them or push others away out of fear, worry or self rejection. They may have intimacy issues stemming from past bitterness, hurt or forgiveness. They may even crave the company of others excessively. This combination will also address & support the hermit anti-social types. No matter what the reason for the loneliness this powerful flower essence has got it covered.

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Natural Flower Essence Remedy to Help Rid Anger, Frustration, Temper & Rage

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Stop Anger, Abuse Frustration, Temper, Irritability & Rage

Designed to Foster Calm Tolerance, Contentment, Gentility & Sensibility. It Soothes Anger, Rage, Frustration, Annoyance, Bitterness, Grudges, Tantrums, & Impatience.

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Flower Essence Blend

I was absolutely SHOCKED to discover that “Anger” is being searched about 7 – 8 MILLION times just on Google each & every month! Also, I discovered there are too many people that are required BY COURT ORDER to attend anger management classes or face real jail time. Many times it was due to spousal / domestic abuse or child abuse.

When I added in related search terms like rage, frustration, annoyance, abuse and the like… I have to say it was depressing & scary. I was so overwhelmed at the suffering of real people. I knew I was in a unique position to help restore peace & love. Hey, maybe my friends and family have been right all these years to call me a “Hippy Flower Child”!

You don’t have to be a raving lunatic, abusive wife beater or homicidal maniac to get some major benefits from the flower essences in Anger. It could be something as you getting ready to have that lecture with a misbehaving child and don’t wish to scream at them or be overly strict. Perhaps you aren’t a morning person and are up early on “Black Friday” navigating ridiculous Christmas crowds. Maybe you are getting married and don’t want to turn into “Bridezilla”. Maybe you get a little bitchy during your period – Or perhaps you do battle with your wife or daughter when they are cycling. Maybe you just want to quit rolling your eyes at your boss, teacher, parent, spouse or other person of authority.

All of these real life situations can be handled a lot more calmly, with peace, love & patience. Because let’s face it… Sometimes you just want to reach out & slap somebody – And sometimes somebody wants to reach out & slap YOU!

8 Blessed Flower Essences in Anger

Image of Beech Blessed Flower Essences Icon BeechFagus Sylvatica

Beech is the primary flower essence for all things intolerant. This makes it a perfect choice for handling anger and frustrations. It helps calm nerves and over reactions to anything.

Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower Icon Cherry PlumbPrunus Cerasifera

This flower essence might have the ability to end domestic violence. When stress brings about behaving badly or “out of control” (sometimes out of character), those who snap or fly into fits of rage, over-reacting or “blow up” can be soothed with this remedy. Whether it is for a parent with an explosive temper or a three year old throwing the biggest temper tantrum, it is a perfect choice. It gives us the ability to react and respond in a calm and rational way & helps diffuse any volatile situations.

Image of Holly Blessed Flower Icon Holly – Ilex Aquifolium

We might as well just rename this one the… “Love Essence”. It allows for the expression of love, whether it is a healthy love of self or others. It promotes compromise, patience, and gentility. It rids all strong negative feelings such as anger, rage, suspicion, envy, greed, or jealousy. It prevents intolerance, resentment, argumentativeness, aggression and more.

Image of Impatiens Blessed Flower Icon Impatiens – Impatiens Glandulifera

Anytime there is impatience, restlessness, irritability, short lived temper blow ups, nervousness, road rage, when delays just about send one over the edge this is the indicated flower essence. It helps restore inner peace, patience, relaxation, and soothes frustrations.

Image of Rock Water Blessed Flower Icon Rock Water

Anytime one is overly rigid, stubborn, unyielding, strict, serious, militant or tyrannical or their personal high standards & perfectionism spills onto others, it is a great flower remedy. It helps promote open-mindedness, flexibility, kindness, contentment & gentility. It helps you just go with the flow physically, emotionally & mentally.

Image of Vervain Blessed Flower Essences Icon Vervain – Verbena Officinalis

Anytime one is overly intense, high strung, irritable, frustrated, annoyed, slave driving, over achievers who are passionate about their work or causes, this is your flower essence. Excessive drive and ambition can quickly become a convenient excuse for treating others badly. When balanced, they will be ambitious & humane without imposing or badgering others.

Image of Vine Blessed Flower Essences Icon Vine – Vitis Vinifera

This essence was chosen for its ability to help solve problems, command respect and inspire without, becoming a bully, or controlling or dominating others. It promotes flexibility, tolerance and open-mindedness.

Image of Willow Blessed Flower Icon WillowSalix Vitellina

Try it anytime you are plagued with bitterness, resentment, blaming others, anger, moody, hostility, isolation, or prone to complaining, grudge holding or tantrums. When you tend to get offended and disappointed or will draw others into the negativity, it can be helpful. It allows you to forgive yourself & others, restoring understanding, contentment, optimism & a sense of humor.


Get Over Past Regrets, Mistakes, Guilt & Shame – Bach Flower Essences Remedy

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condemned image

Get Past Your Regrets, Mistakes & Shame!

Designed to Help Us Out of a Rut, For Recovery, Self-Forgiveness, Optimism & Hope.

It Prevents One From Making the Same Regretful Mistakes or When Ashamed, Guilt & Self-Sabotage.

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Flower Essence Blend

Words cannot even begin to express how much this beautiful combination of flower essences has meant to me, my personal healing, and recovery. It was developed during the bleakest and blackest time in my life.

After having to sell my practice and filing personal bankruptcy, I then had the painful experience of watching my husband’s new business also fail. It felt like I had a front row seat to disaster. It seemed like everything we tried fell apart. I felt like nothing was good enough, like I was never going to be good enough. …Like a TOTAL FAILURE!

If I were to be real honest with you, I lost the thing I treasure the most… My Hope & Faith. I knew the Lord wanted me to move past it all but emotionally I just felt stuck – Like I was never going to be all that I was meant to be. I am not sure I would have survived without the flower essences blended in Condemned. We hope it blesses you also. That it helps you get past your shame, regrets, mistakes or perceived shortcomings.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Condemned

Image of Chestnut Bud Blessed Flower Essences IconChestnut BudAesculus Hippocastanum

This flower essence is the remedy of choice for making the same mistakes over and over again. Having the ability to learn from ones mistakes is the first step in getting out of a rut and self-healing. It gives us the ability to gain knowledge & wisdom from our experiences and lets us move forward in life.

Image of Crab Apple Blessed Flower IconCrab AppleMalus Pumila

This flower essence is the remedy for self rejection of any kind. It is helpful anytime one feels unclean, dirty, impure, contaminated, repugnant, ashamed or embarrassed. It instills self acceptance & improves self image.

Image of Gorse Blessed Flower IconGorseUlex Europaeus

Gorse helps restore serenity and balance. It restores hopelessness, despair, pessimism, depression and self-confidence. It fosters a deeply felt security that everything is as it should be. It also protects us against disappointment.

Image of Mustard Blessed Flower IconMustardSinapis Arvensis

This is the remedy of choice for depression for no logical reason or the gloom and doom feeling. It restores humorlessness, sadness, melancholy, seriousness, negativity and deep sudden despair. It is like a dark ominous cloud that comes from nowhere

Image of Pine Blessed Flower IconPinePinus SylvestrisThis is the flower essence needed for when you can’t live up to your own expectations. Anytime there is self-blaming, feelings of not being good enough or when there is self-rejection, perfectionism or when unable to be content with achievements or progress it proves helpful.
Image of Sweet Chestnut Blessed Flower Essences IconSweet ChestnutCastanea Sativa

This flower essence should be considered anytime there is an intense sorrow, when things seem utterly bleak and completely hopeless. Also, when someone feels their complete destruction, or ruin is pressing them or they are at the edge of endurance or on the verge of emotional breakdown.

Image of Willow Blessed Flower IconWillowSalix Vitellina

The go to flower essence anytime your circumstances have left you bitter! It helps rid bitterness, resentment, when you blame others or are throwing a massive pity party. It also helps get you out of self-sabotage and releases the victim mentality. It helps to restore contentment and enables you to forgive and move past injustices.