My Spirit is Happiest When the Sun is Shinning & I’ve Got Flower Blooms in Water!

Newest Blessed Flower Essence Originalsd Flower Essence OriginalsWhat started out as just any old regular errand this morning turned into a beautiful and awesome opportunity for growing our product line!  Don’t you just love when things like that happen?  You know… when there are major blessings in things you were kind of dreading or viewed as a complete time waster.  It is times like those when you SEE GOD’s hand in your life.

My parents went out of town on an extended trip to Cancun Mexico.  They left us home to take care of business.  I had to go check our business mailbox to pick up a check from a home buyer.  We have a real estate business that we manage as well…  What can I say I am a full on Vervain!

Anyway, I had to literally pass by their house on the way so I decided to stop in and check on their cat, Sally.  Sally does NOT like to be left alone.  Unlike most cats who could care less if people are present or not, she is highly social (Heather type & meows constantly to prove it)  & holds grudges for leaving her alone (total Willow picture).

When I pulled in their driveway, I was greeted with some gorgeous New Guinea Impatiens that were absolutely beautiful.  Also, within sight were somekind of variation wild rose in full bloom & making the driveway look like it were covered in pink snow.  I spent more time collecting some awesome flower blooms and other gorgeous fall plants then I did with Sally.  Sorry Sally!

I found 2 kinds of Coleus which is a favorite fall plant of mine.  Also, the purple Pennisetum  which is an ornemental grass known as ‘Fireworks’.  I love the stuff and can’t wait to see what it feels like!