Want FREE Flower Essences? Your Chance to Win Bach Flowers & Other Remedies!

Win FREE Bach Flowers & Flower Essences


How to Win Our FREE Flower Essences

You can win all your favorite Bach Flowers and other traditional flower essences completely FREE!  We are so proud to have just launched this exciting opportunity for you to WIN FREE FLOWER ESSENCES!  It truly is our greatest desire to get flower essences into everyone who needs them.

Participate to WIN!

Just LIKE Our Facebook page.  Beginning June 15th, 2015 & then on the 15th of each month after we will select 3 LUCKY WINNERS from our Facebook Followers.  If you connect & friend Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger, ND on Facebook, she’ll private message you through FaceBook if you’re one of our lucky winners!

Make sure to check back on the BFE FaceBook Page after the 15th to see if your name has been posted.  We will probably post the winners on the BFE site as well.

What Flower Essences You’ll Win FREE..

Most winners will get their choice of their flower remedy favorites like:

  • Bach Flower Remedies (of course in the 16 frequency BFE Mutli-Chord amped-up way… not granny’s Bach Remedy!)
  • Combination Blends (All picked & handcrafted from all your flower essence favorites – Our Most Popular Sellers!
  • BFE Original Singles ( Unique flower essences you just can’t get anywhere else – These are quickly outselling our Bach Singles!)

Thanks for helping us get the word out & Best of Luck winning Free Flower Essences.

It is a great honor to help people raise their health, vibrations, thoughts, minds & spirit – We hope yours is next!  Remember to let your light shine…


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