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Yellow Daylily


The first flower essence we will be taking a deeper look into will be this classic yellow daylily beauty.  We don’t want to give all its secrets away but here are a couple things we know about this flower essence’s positive potential.

Try the Yellow Daylily Essence for Improved Libido, Sensuality, Positive Outlook, Happiness & Joy.  It Balances Polarity,  the Stomach Meridian & the Spleen (aka Sacral) Chakra.

We chose this flower essence for a couple reasons.  First it is an awesome essence that has helped me personally in a profound way.  Secondly since it has such a drastic effect on the Earth elements (Stomach & Spleen) which dominates during late summer.  We believe the timing couldn’t be better for a deep healing & restorations of these areas.


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