Flower Essence Fans Getting to Know Caribbean Spider Lily


BFE-Caribbean-Spider-LilyCaribbean Spider Lily


We will be introducing this awesome flower essence next to our fan club for further study. It will ship out on October 1, 2015.  We can’t wait to uncover more characteristics of this complex beauty.  We don’t want to give all its secrets away… but here’s a few things we know about this flower essence’s negative state.

Try the Caribbean Spider Lily Essence during times of extreme overwhelm & over-complication, when your tasks seem too big & you “don’t even know where to start” with feelings of being “stuck” or “lost”, and usually lacking motivation because of the over-complication.

We’ve selected this flower essence for a couple reasons. First it has been a huge help to our family personally and it comes up frequently in blind muscle testing.  Secondly it has a healing effect on the Metal element mainly the Large Intestine Meridian which dominates during Fall.  We believe the timing is excellent for healing & restoration to this system.


Join the BFE Fan Club!


If you are you a big fan of flower essences too… Then partner with us to study the Caribbean Spider Lily. When you join… we will be shipping your essence no later than 10/1/15.  We’ll be releasing a new flower essence to members each calendar quarter.  Help us study, learn, & share experiences with members of the club.  Please, join us in this important flower essence research.  We truly hope you find your new favorite flower essence!


Fan Club Membership Benefits


  • Newly or Never Released BFE Original Flower Essence
  • Tips for Evaluating Characteristics (Pathological & Positive Potential) of the Flower Essence
  • Initial Report of Findings for Flower Essence in Review
  • Special Access to Members Only Chat on Private Facebook Page
  • FREE Webinar / Teleconference – Where you will Have Open Access to Dr. Darla Nofziger, ND Flower Essence Practitioner & Director of Research & Development
  • Opportunity to Connect With Others Who Love Flower Essences Too
  • Chance to Win FREE Flower Essences!








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