Flower Essences to Consider in Autism


Puzzling Autism SymptomsObviously those with Autism face some unique challenges.  What makes me qualified to know their personality traits, emotional and social struggles?  Over the years I have worked with many (mostly children) on the Autism Spectrum.

However, that isn’t what really makes me most qualified…  I also have the unique privilege of having my own child on the autism spectrum.  Truth be known, were I thoroughly evaluated; I would probably test in the Asperger’s category myself. These factors probably makes me more qualified than all the education, letters behind my name, and certifications I hold combined!

Flower essences can naturally and without harmful side effects, quickly help address all sorts of behaviors associated with autism.  This includes social, learning, speech, withdrawal, obsessions, stress handling, & intolerances and many other symptoms of autism.

I believe flower essences are the safest and best way to emotionally and mentally support autistic children.  In fact, I hope to prove it scientifically one day.  They also work on adults with autism – Even ones that are set in their ways.

Flower essences can be added to any behavioral, dietary, medication, sensory or any other therapy someone on the autism spectrum might be doing.  They are tasteless drops that slip easily into the water bottles of the pickiest eaters. I’ve never had any child who wouldn’t take them.  (Try that with MSM or Cod Liver Oil!)  They can even be sent to school in their water bottles completely undetected.  You can use them in any juices, smoothies, detox baths, aroma therapy or herbal teas to boost the efficacy of all other healing tools.

The difference flower essences have made in my daughter’s maturity, progress and outlook on life has been a beautiful thing to witness.  In fact, it was my twin daughters that decided “the world needs these flower essences too”.  The change in our family’s life has been the biggest blessing of our lives!

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I have profiled the flower essences in how they correlate to broad symptoms of autism.  I’ve tried to keep them in order of relevance but they all seem to have their place.

Keep in mind that while autistics may share some commonalities, they are still INDIVIDUALS.  They may have other issues or symptoms that may not be covered here.  If you are still unsure about the right flower essences to choose to address all patterns, I am a flower therapist available for consult.  I work through telephone, email, instant messaging, training or other special events, and in person.

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 Water Violet (Hottonia palustris)  Blessed Flower Essences IconWater Violet – Prefers Solitude, Private, Loner Type, Withdrawn, Observers, Introverted, Unapproachable, Social Outcasts, Appears Distant or Cold, Aloof, Bizarre, Atypical, Proud, Independent, Self-Reliant, Boastful (When Talkative or Social), Mental More Than Social or Emotional, Inability to Ask For or Seek Help, Rebellion

 Chestnut Bud image (aesculus hippocastanum)  Blessed Flower Essences IconChestnut Bud – Learning Disabilities, Repeats Mistakes, Unaware, Poor Observation, Distracted, Poor Concentration, Careless, Absentmindedness, Inability to make Progress, Developmentally Behind, Only Attentive to What Interests Them

 White Chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)  Blessed Flower Essences IconWhite Chestnut – Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviors, Lack of Focus and Concentration, Overactive Minds, Things Get Stuck in Their Head, Repetitive Speech (Echolalia) and Movements (Rocking, Flapping & Other Stimming), Extreme Fixations, Need for Sameness, Watching or Doing Things Over & Over, Insomnia

 Buy Gardenia Flower Essence Remedy Blessed Flower Essences Icon*Gardenia – Lacks Order & Systems, Can’t Stay on Task, Poor Organization, Problems with Sequencing, Poor Math Skills, Slow Reaction Time, Flighty & Flakey, Confusion, Muddled Thoughts, Difficulties Pursuing Train of Thought, Poor Reasoning, Running in Circles, Half Completed Tasks & Projects, Poor Time Management

 Rock Water image  Blessed Flower Essences IconRock Water – Need For Sameness, Rigid, Perfectionists, Stubborn, Unyielding, Inability to “Go With The Flow”, Overly Serious, Dogmatic Customs & Rituals, Overly Picky, Physical Stiffness, Toe Walking

 Willow (Salix vitellina)  Blessed Flower Essences IconWillow – (Most Pronounced Symptoms in Non-Talkers But Also Appears in Talkers); Tantrums, Sulking, Stingy, Isolated, Destructive of Self & Things, Moody, Hostile, Angry, Self Pity, Bitterness (Most Pronounced Symptoms in Talkers); Holds Grudges, Keeps Scores, Inability to Accept Responsibility, Quick to Complain, Draws Others Into Negativity, Blames Others, Oppositional

 Walnut (Juglans regia) image  Blessed Flower Essences IconWalnut – Unable to Adapt, Difficulties Transitioning, Stressed By Changes, Easily Influenced, Naïve, Gullible, Childlike, Lacking Self-Assertiveness, Sensitive to all Outside Stimulus & Influences Sound, Sights, Textures, People, Foods, Places, Invasive Organisms, Toxins, Environment etc.

 Rock Rose (helianthemum nummularium)  Blessed Flower Essences IconRock Rose – Inappropriate Reactions, Maniacal laughter, Hysteria, Screaming, Dramatic, Over-Reactions, Terror, Panic Attacks, Extreme Stress, Phobias, Shock, Paranoia, Any Kind of Fight or Flight Response

 Clematis vitalba image  Blessed Flower Essences IconClematis Lives in Fantasy, Daydreamers, Withdrawn, Inattentive, Distracted, Absent Minded, Drowsy, Accident Prone, Dwells on Future, Introverted, Eccentric, Indifferent, Fainting, Spacey, Procrastination

 Heather image (Calluna vulgaris)  Blessed Flower Essences IconHeather – (Typical Asperger’s Syndrome – However, this one comes up a lot when I blind muscle test Non-Talkers) Talkative, Interrupts, Poor Ability to Listen to Others, Dominates or Hi-Jacks Conversations, Always Brings Conversation Back to Own Interests & Obsessions, Uncomfortably Invades the Personal Space of Others, Poor Ability to Understand Social Cues & / or Listener Boredom, Self-Centered, Compares Their Worth to Others, Inferiority Complex, Unable or Fear of Being Alone (Even if Unsocial), Need for Recognition, Attention Seeking

 Beech Image (Fagus sylvatica)  Blessed Flower Essences IconBeech – Intolerances of all kinds, Sensitivities, Allergies, Inability to Make Allowances, Has Many Aversions & Dislikes, Picky Eating, Complaining, Whining, Meticulous, Judgmental of Self & Others, Rebellion, Problems with Authority, Defiant

 Buy Delsperma Flower Essence Remedy Blessed Flower Essences Icon*Delosperma – Completely Withdrawn When Overwhelmed or Overstimulated, Lack of Speech, Insomnia, Inability to Sleep, Lack of Appetite, Limited Diet, Inability to Handle Stress, Abandonment Issues, Separation Anxiety, Inability to Be Alone, Inability to Wait, Helps to Adapt and Transition

 impatiens glandulifera image  Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiens – Inability to Wait, Restless, Irritability, Nervousness, Impulsive, Intolerance, Quick to Anger or Tantrum but Settles Quickly, Fidgety, Twitching or Ticks, Lacks Concentration, Likes Speed, Hyperactive, Always on the Go, Sleeps Little, Unable to Be Still, Like Motor Left On, Constant Stimming

 Agrimony Image (agrimonia eupatoria)  Blessed Flower Essences IconAgrimony – Increases Communication Skills, Flight From Reality, Mental Torment, Denial of Problems, Has to Avoid Conflict & Pain, Will Retreat By Withdrawing

 Scleranthus annuus image  Blessed Flower Essences IconScleranthus – Hesitancy, Indecisiveness, Back & Forth Arguing or Mental Deliberations, Mood Swings, Erratic, Unstable, Distracted, Bouncing From One Thing to Another in Speech or Action, You Might See Them Spend Hours Opening & Closing a Drawer or Moving a Toy Car Back & Forth over and over again all the while studying it intently, Vertigo, Motion Sickness, Imbalances and Ups & Downs of All Types (Bi-Polar, Blood Sugar, Thyroid, Energy Levels, Left vs Right Brain Difficulties, Body Temperature etc.)


After reading this extensive list, and you find many if not most strike a chord, I know you’ll ask the question…  “How Many Can I Use at One Time?”
Here’s why more isn’t always better when it comes to flower essences… The natural energetic vibrations in flower remedies act as healing messages to the body.  If you give too many instructions at the same time it loses its clarity.  Think of this way…  The More voices in a crowd or people speaking or screaming the harder it is to make out what is being said!
Personally, I don’t believe there is any harm in using too many essences but there could be consequences if someone is not getting the right one(s).  So I guess it is a fine line between making sure you have enough without diluting (or muffling) some of the instructions.


FAQ’s About Flower Essences

*Blessed Flower Essences Originals (all others are Bach Flower Remedies)