Webinar: Flower Essences in Autism (1st Half) Dr. Nofziger, ND Hosts



Webinar: Flower Essences in Autism (2nd Half & Q&A) Dr. Nofziger, ND Hosts


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Autism Spectrum Study Blend $24.95

Autism Spectrum Study Blend


I have had numerous customers who have visited our Autism page ask if we have a blend with the flower essences mentioned.  However, because of the complexities of the Autism Spectrum, it was very hard to limit them to a “more acceptable” number of flower essences.  It seemed every parent I talked to was telling me…  “My Child Seems to Need Them ALL!”.

In the past, I’ve always subscribed to the Bach Centre’s and other standard teaching in the flower essence therapy arena to limit them to the top 5-7 of an individual’s “Best Matches.”  After saying for the hundredth or maybe thousandth time in consults, teachings, emails & conversations that there is no way to overdose but you can under-dose or not choose the best match.  I am no longer convinced of this.

The fact is to my knowledge, no one has adequately studied this.  Whether the body prefers to limit the number of flower essences to their top matches vs. getting anything and everything that matches.

Here I am presenting you with the unique opportunity to partner with us in this important autism research.  I am making the Autism Spectrum Study Blend (17 Multi-Chord Flower Essences in all).  The ASD Study blend contains all 15 Flower Essences taught on our Autism page plus Cherry Plum & Crab Apple.

You can purchase this specialty blend by filling out a questionnaire & affidavit.  The product will not ship without one.



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