Flower Essences Can They Rid Symptoms Associated with Autism?

Puzzling Autism SymptomsOur Personal Success With Flower Essences Overcoming Symptoms of Autism


My 13 year old daughter Hannah has autism.  Obviously she has really struggled over the years  with her ability to handle stressful situations and her emotions in general.

These issues were holding her back from truly living her life in a meaningful and successful way.  Adding Flower Essences to her supplement regimen has improved her symptoms and outlook dramatically.  Her emotional & psychological functioning, attitude, personality and cognitive abilities have all been improved using these all natural beauties!

In fact for a time I was sending the flower essence blend STUDENT in her water bottles to school everyday.  While I was away in Mexico on vacation, she wasn’t getting any.  My first morning back I forgot to send her STUDENT with her to school.  You know how it is when returning from vacation or holiday – It takes a couple days to get the schedule back on track.

A few hours into the day, I get a phone call from her teacher.  She says to me…  “I don’t know what Hannah’s problem has been today and towards the end of last week.  She is like a totally different child and has COME COMPLETELY UNGLUED!”

I explained to her teacher that I had been out of town. – She doesn’t do well without me.  This was a half truth.  The truth is her symptoms of autism and struggles will flare up when she doesn’t get her supplements but especially her flower essences.

Hannah’s Ongoing Struggle in Math


For some bizarre reason Hannah has always struggled in math.  I say for some bizarre reason because she is wickedly smart, creative, highly naturally gifted in music.  She is also extremely logically minded.  When you add in her photographic memory you would expect her to test off the charts in math…  Right?!  One would think.

I am absolutely convinced that the flower essence GARDENIA was the reason for Hannah’s ability to meet her CRCT in Math.  We started her on it (on and off) last year which she met the math standard testing taking a modified test for the first time.  This year she met and took the regular test and is gaining a little ground!  She exceeds on the CRCT for all other subjects.

How Do You Know It is the Flower Essences & Not Supplements?


This is a valid question!  I always get asked this by my friends in the autism community.  The older the girls get the harder it is to get them to take their supplements consistently.

For Hannah it is not an issue of her not being able to or not wanting to swallow pills.  She will swallow up to a handful at a time individually (without water even!)  They eat at strange times – They hole up in their rooms like hermits.  It can be difficult to keep them on a regimen of taking supplements consistently.

Oddly, this doesn’t happen with the flower essences.  They want to take them.  In fact every time one of them gets hurts the first thing they reach for is the PEACE.  I think with the flower essences they FEEL  an immediate change.  This isn’t true with supplements – Although it is!  Don’t expect if you don’t get enough B vitamins EVERY DAY that you can be mentally sharp and emotionally stable!

Which Flower Essences Do You Recommend for Autism?


Every time I tell Hannah’s story to friends in the autism community, this is what they all want to know.  It’s been on my heart for the longest time to get all my thoughts posted on the Flower Essences most helpful in autism.

Well I  have finally completed it (at least for now).  I’m sure as we develop and research new flower essences they’ll make the list.  If they are helpful for autistic tenancies we’ll add them to the autism page.

Hopefully, we’ve made it really easy to find by placing it under the label AUTISM.  On this autism page, we will provide links to relevant articles and posts that may be helpful to the autism community.

We have personally used every flower essence described on the page at some point or another.  They all have tremendous value in addressing her autistic symptoms.  It’s just which autism symptoms are most bothersome, hindering, and disabling her at the time.


My Spirit is Happiest When the Sun is Shinning & I’ve Got Flower Blooms in Water!

Newest Blessed Flower Essence Originalsd Flower Essence OriginalsWhat started out as just any old regular errand this morning turned into a beautiful and awesome opportunity for growing our product line!  Don’t you just love when things like that happen?  You know… when there are major blessings in things you were kind of dreading or viewed as a complete time waster.  It is times like those when you SEE GOD’s hand in your life.

My parents went out of town on an extended trip to Cancun Mexico.  They left us home to take care of business.  I had to go check our business mailbox to pick up a check from a home buyer.  We have a real estate business that we manage as well…  What can I say I am a full on Vervain!

Anyway, I had to literally pass by their house on the way so I decided to stop in and check on their cat, Sally.  Sally does NOT like to be left alone.  Unlike most cats who could care less if people are present or not, she is highly social (Heather type & meows constantly to prove it)  & holds grudges for leaving her alone (total Willow picture).

When I pulled in their driveway, I was greeted with some gorgeous New Guinea Impatiens that were absolutely beautiful.  Also, within sight were somekind of variation wild rose in full bloom & making the driveway look like it were covered in pink snow.  I spent more time collecting some awesome flower blooms and other gorgeous fall plants then I did with Sally.  Sorry Sally!

I found 2 kinds of Coleus which is a favorite fall plant of mine.  Also, the purple Pennisetum  which is an ornemental grass known as ‘Fireworks’.  I love the stuff and can’t wait to see what it feels like!


Blessed With Sunshine & 2 New Fabulous Flower Essences!

Hosta_Flower_EssenceWe’ve had our rainy season late this year in Metro Atlanta.  The lack of sunny days had me behind in the collection and study of some new flower essences.  A couple plants are in bloom around our yard.  Because of the rain, I was beginning to think I might miss making these particular essences entirely this year.  What a sad thought 🙁

In our front yard the Hostas are in full bloom.  I never gave much thought to the flower blooms on the Hostas before.  Now that I’ve developed such a love & appreciation of flower essences, I really look at those GLORIOUS BLOOMS!   Now whenever I see a flower, it always has me wondering what does this one’s essence do…?!?

Meyer-Lemon-Flower-EssenceThen I noticed we had one amazing gorgeous bloom on our Meyer Lemon tree in our back yard.  It was a recent gift from my Father-in-Law.   I didn’t know how long before it produced anything worthwhile.  Here I thought I was waiting for the fruit when there was something just as special if not more so in its floral display.

However, I only found the Meyer Lemon Bloom late in the day so I couldn’t capture it until the next day to make a new essence with it.  I was so excited about this find I even brought my daughter Hannah out to look at it too – It was that pretty.  All of this had me literally praying for sunshine!  With only one flower bloom to work with my window of opportunity was narrow.  If we got one heavy summer shower that had been plaguing us recently, my chances to make a new essence would be dead in the water!

The Lord granted my sunny day today!  I’ve been able to capture the Meyer Lemon Essence.  I’m even more excited about trying this one than I was with the Hosta.  Only because it was not only a lovely flower but it also smelled like candy.  It smelled even sweeter than honeysuckle!  I hope to actually make the essence today and begin its study by tonight.

I even shot a couple video clips on how to make the essences & do the collecting.  I haven’t look at them yet much less edit the videos.  Hopefully, I’ll find the time to get them up on YouTube soon.

Because of these last couple days of sunshine, I was able create & begin studying the new Hosta Flower Essence.  It was finished up a couple days ago on Friday.  We all LOVED it.  Oh it makes my spirit love sunshine all the more…


Alcohol in Flower Essences: A Recent Question

?~Q~?   Is There Alcohol in Your Flower Remedies or Just Essences / Energy of Flowers?  

Our flower remedies are imprinted on a base of Distilled Water, 8% Alcohol & Cellfood.  The alcohol used is distilled vodka (Gluten Free made from pineapple).  The Cellfood acts as a cellular carrier which boosts their effectiveness.

Since our remedies are diluted 1-2 drops in (any amount of water), any alcohol would be tasteless & undetectable.  In fact our bodies actually produce more alcohol than would be consumed by using Bach Flowers in this way.

Like all flower essences in alcoholic bases, you can “cook-off” the alcohol.  This is done by adding a couple drops of the remedy to a small amount of boiling water & letting cool.  If you consume the essences straight from the bottle (which is NOT how we recommend taking them), you might get a hint of the taste of alcohol.

Hope this shed some light & was helpful!


Relieving Pain Naturally with Bach Flower Remedies

Using the Bach flower essence remedies for pain relief in my house keeps me busy playing Doctor Mom… seems like ALL the time!  I usually use the body mapping as tested and outlined by Dietmar Krämer.  This information can be found in the book New Bach Flower Body Maps: Treatment by Topical Application.  It includes a comprehensive atlas of body maps indicating treatment zones for each flower essence and areas of the body.

In our growing experience with using these techniques, we have found his body maps to be spot-on accurate.  They are a great starting point for using flower essences topically for treating pain, swelling, and acne.

Muscle testing is another fantastic way to “work up” which are the right Bach flower remedy or remedies to use to alleviate pain, detoxify certain parts of the body or clear energetic blockages.

I had to use the body mapping techniques just this morning on my husband.  When he sneezed (major pollen season in Georgia) I heard him wincing in pain.  I knew something was up…  My husband is not a big ole baby!  As a matter of fact, I am always yelling at him for turning things over or pulling them off the grill without gloves or utensils!  He’s so crazy when it comes to pain.  Most of the time he has no idea how he got cuts, scrapes or bruises.  You know the manly man type!

It seems last night he pulled the muscles in his neck and shoulder big time.  He got up from his chair and “Bitty Kitty”, our thin and most dainty cat moved in on his spot.  She loves the cushions in our kitchen chairs and she especially loves them after someone has been sitting in them and they are still warm.  When Darren went back to his seat, he tensed up to keep from crushing her.  I didn’t realize last night it was as bad as it was.

After one application of the flower essences mixed with plain lotion applied gently to the painful area, most of his pain, soreness & stiffness was GONE!  To this he reminded me “You are my favorite GOOD Witch.”  He is always joking about “Nobody doing the Voodoo like YOU DO!”  If anything I try to be an angel of mercy relieving pain and suffering wherever I find it.  Believe me I don’t ever have to go looking far to find it!

I have used this body mapping technique time after time for so many painful issues like…  Muscle Aches, Menstrual Cramps, Lower Back Aches, Painful Feet, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Headaches, Acne, Arthritic Knees and too many other “Boo-Boo’s” to count.  I am never less than impressed if not shocked by how quick and effective it is!

In fact, we’ve found them so usefully that I am really considering making a line based on body parts.  I was inspired after hearing the kiddy song…  “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”.  Isn’t it funny how we get inspiration in the goofiest of places or such random past experiences?!


CELLFOOD – Boosts Our Flower Essences

CellFood Delivers Your Flower Essences

CELLFOOD - Oxygen Supplement, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, & Electrolytes



All our products contain the trace ionic mineral and oxygen supplement, cellfood.  It helps provide trace minerals essential to bring the flower essences to each cell.  Also, the extra oxygen helps to preserve our flower essences.

We believe cellfood dramatically boosts the effectiveness of our products as well as keeps them pure.  That is why we highly recommend adding CellFood to your custom remedies using our flower essence kit sets!

CELLFOOD Liquid Concentrate is a proprietary oxygen, ionic trace mineral, and nutrient supplement.  It cleanses, detoxifies and helps to rebuild your cells.

It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, which is absorbed quickly and efficiently by all the cells in your body. Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds at the cellular level – cleansing and renewing the body’s systems throughout the day.

Cellfood is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free and gluten-free.

Cellfood® (Cell Food) contains…

  • 78 ionic trace minerals
  • 34 metabolic enzymes
  • 17 amino acids
  • electrolytes
  • dissolved oxygen
  • a unique water-splitting technology

“And Johovah God formed man of the dust of the ground(cell salts & minerals), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (filled him with oxygen); and man became a living soul.” GENESIS 2:7

Oxygen Does a Body Good!

Air is the most vital substance for a healthy body!  Don’t believe me? – Here’s a FACT… You can go 40 DAYS or more without FOOD. You can go 7 to 10 DAYS without WATER. You can ONLY go a matter of MINUTES without VITAL OXYGEN!

Oxygen fuels our systems. It fires our bodies’ chemical reactions. Oxygen is necessary for circulation. It helps eliminates our wastes and toxins. Not to mention, many disease causing parasitic microbes like bacteria, yeast and fungus can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Cellfood enhances the critical bioavailability of oxygen to the body. It does it through its unique ability to ‘dissociate’ water molecules within the body; thereby releasing abundant oxygen, and hydrogen, directly to the cells.

In our home… We believe every glass of water is the opportunity to bring in essential nutrients, oxygen and healing instructions by the use of flower essences and cellfood.



Blessings & Healing For 2 Dogs & 1 Family

Others Are Saying About Our Flower Essences

Here is another wonderful testimony about several products.  I have been meaning to post this one for a while.

Dr. Darla

I am sorry I did not think to write this sooner 🙂  I have had really good results with the Grief and Stress when I alternate shots – especially when I am pulling my hair out over something one of the kids has done. 🙂  I am sure you can relate.

I wanted to share with you a story about my dogs.  Several weeks back, Oscar had some severe intestinal problems resulting in blood in his stool.  I took him to the vet and they treated him with several different prescriptions.  He did not seem to be getting better so I asked Lori Goodwin, my holistic practitioner, to check him and see what she recommended for him.

She recommended several different supplements, one of which was the All Better Flower Essence.  The very first time I went to add it to the water bowl, Maggie nearly attacked me trying to get to the water.  Maggie is not a small dog and weighs about 55 pounds, so her jumping up on me was quite noticeable! 🙂  As soon as I put the bowl down, she immediately drank a large amount.  It was not that she was just thirsty because they get fresh water several times a day, there was something she was needing in the flower essences.  Maggie was not even sick, that I know of, but she clearly wanted some component of the All Better flower remedy.

She continued to do this for nearly a week and then one day, she did not seem to care anymore.  I am not sure what she was needing in the All Better, but she seemed to benefit from it. Oscar is also doing better and doesn’t have the intestinal problems anymore.  So, you helped both of my dogs! 🙂

Thanks for combining several essences into one product to target specific complaints.  I keep All Better, Stress, Sleep, Student and Grief on hand and purchase a new bottle when the volume of any of them becomes low.

Thanks for helping me with my furbabies as well as with my human family members. 🙂  Please feel free to share this story with others if you like!


Pain, Pain Go Away… Peace to the Rescue Again!

Here is another great story & testimony about how good Peace is for pain management

So I dropped a salad dressing bottle right on my big toe.  It was one of those hopping around moments, wincing, moaning, muttering, throbbing, throbbing can’t focus on anything – You know one of those that just bloody HURTS moments!  On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it about a 9.  BTW for the record I have a really high tolerance for pain too.  It both bruised the bone & abraded the skin.  One of those times when you seriously ask yourself  “Did I just break my foot?!”

I have to hobble to the girl’s room to get my bottle of Peace.  Anytime they have a boo-boo or they get grumpy with each other they use it.  So basically it usually stays in their room!  I fix up some water with the Blessed Flower Essence – Peace and drink it.  It brings my pain down to probably a 6 but I still can’t focus on much else.  Next I pour some of the water directly on my foot and immediately it goes to a 1 maybe a 2!  Ahhhaaah…  Relief – Thank you Lord!  At that point I was able to bend and flex it to see if a fracture was likely…  Good I can bend and move it without adding too much pain.

You would think by now I would be used to the healing power of the flower essences but they always surprise me.  I just wanted to take a second to sing their praises!


Biography of Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger – Founder of Blessed Flower Essences

Photo of Dr. Darla M Birchall-Nofiziger, ND - Developer of the Blessed Flower EssencesOur essences were developed by board certified, Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger. She has worked and studied in the medical and health fields for more than 20 years. Like Dr. Bach, she began her career in traditional medicine. Also, like Bach she took her Hippocratic Oath very seriously and doesn’t believe allopathic medicine always adheres to “first doing no harm.” This is the reason she chose a more holistic approach to care for people. 

Over the last 6 years Dr. Birchall-Nofziger has studied and specialized in bioenergetic treatment and research.  From September 2007 to June of 2010, Dr. Birchall-Nofziger was Clinical Director of InternaPure Natural Wellness Center. Working a as primary holistic practitioner kept her in touch with the real suffering of her clients. Her passion and love for flower essences happened almost on accident several years ago.  You can read about her accidental lab finding titled: An Alt Med Researcher Proves Power of Bach’s Remedies?

Darla is a lover of all things science, as well as all things natural. She is dedicated toward furthering her knowledge base so she can educate others about natural health and bioenergetic medicine.  It was for this reason she started the Alt Med Education & Research Group.  Her interest in bioenergetics first developed from working with and seeing improvements in her Autistic daughter Hannah. Things that she says “biochemistry just cannot explain”.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger was the founder and developer of a full healing system known as the Bioenergetic Identification Reset Technique (BIRT) protocol.  However, the development of the Blessed Flower Essences product line is one of her finest achievements to date. She is now developing a new healing modality that will incorporate these two powerful systems.

Her heart is in research and plans to seek future scientific funding for smaller pilot studies. In fact she already has the framework for a double blind study for the Blessed Flower Essences™ for improving children with learning and behavioral challenges like ADD / ADHD and Autism.  She had such good results with the prototypes of the Blessed Flower Essences that she knew they must be made public.  She is convinced it is was the prime reasons for a recent academic improvement and maturity in her daughter.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger Has Been Recognized and Certified by:

American Alternative Medical Association

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals

International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

Nutri-Energetic Practitioner (First in Georgia)

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger is not a licensed Medical Doctor, Physician, or Naturopathic Medical Doctor (AKA Naturopathic Physician) or Doctor of Chiropractic. Darla is a true Traditional Naturopath and believes that drugs & surgery should be a last resort – not the first solution people seek.

Lastly, her favorite science quote is…

”Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it.” …Niels Henrik David Bohr – Danish Physicist


Biography of Dr. Edward Bach – Founder of Flower Essences

Dr. Edward Bach - Founder of Bach Flower EssencesDr. Edward Bach was a classically trained Physician, Homeopath, Pathologist and Bacteriologist.  He spent most of his career studying the relationship between mental or emotional states, personality, and how disease manifested in the body. 

Bach strived for a more natural, humane and effective way of medicine.  He developed probably the safest and perhaps the most effective method of healing the personality and emotions.  That being said; do not underestimate the power and potential of physical healing with Bach Flower Remedies.

Bach believed disease was the result of a conflict between soul, mind and body.  If you treat with the remedy or remedies that will neutralize that conflict then his virtue within him will heal the rest. 

Dr. Edward Bach the Man…


A Brief History of Bach’s Career


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