Biography of Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger – Founder of Blessed Flower Essences

Photo of Dr. Darla M Birchall-Nofiziger, ND - Developer of the Blessed Flower EssencesOur essences were developed by board certified, Traditional Naturopath, Dr. Darla Birchall-Nofziger. She has worked and studied in the medical and health fields for more than 20 years. Like Dr. Bach, she began her career in traditional medicine. Also, like Bach she took her Hippocratic Oath very seriously and doesn’t believe allopathic medicine always adheres to “first doing no harm.” This is the reason she chose a more holistic approach to care for people. 

Over the last 6 years Dr. Birchall-Nofziger has studied and specialized in bioenergetic treatment and research.  From September 2007 to June of 2010, Dr. Birchall-Nofziger was Clinical Director of InternaPure Natural Wellness Center. Working a as primary holistic practitioner kept her in touch with the real suffering of her clients. Her passion and love for flower essences happened almost on accident several years ago.  You can read about her accidental lab finding titled: An Alt Med Researcher Proves Power of Bach’s Remedies?

Darla is a lover of all things science, as well as all things natural. She is dedicated toward furthering her knowledge base so she can educate others about natural health and bioenergetic medicine.  It was for this reason she started the Alt Med Education & Research Group.  Her interest in bioenergetics first developed from working with and seeing improvements in her Autistic daughter Hannah. Things that she says “biochemistry just cannot explain”.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger was the founder and developer of a full healing system known as the Bioenergetic Identification Reset Technique (BIRT) protocol.  However, the development of the Blessed Flower Essences product line is one of her finest achievements to date. She is now developing a new healing modality that will incorporate these two powerful systems.

Her heart is in research and plans to seek future scientific funding for smaller pilot studies. In fact she already has the framework for a double blind study for the Blessed Flower Essences™ for improving children with learning and behavioral challenges like ADD / ADHD and Autism.  She had such good results with the prototypes of the Blessed Flower Essences that she knew they must be made public.  She is convinced it is was the prime reasons for a recent academic improvement and maturity in her daughter.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger Has Been Recognized and Certified by:

American Alternative Medical Association

American Association of Drugless Practitioners

National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals

International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

Nutri-Energetic Practitioner (First in Georgia)

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger is not a licensed Medical Doctor, Physician, or Naturopathic Medical Doctor (AKA Naturopathic Physician) or Doctor of Chiropractic. Darla is a true Traditional Naturopath and believes that drugs & surgery should be a last resort – not the first solution people seek.

Lastly, her favorite science quote is…

”Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it.” …Niels Henrik David Bohr – Danish Physicist