Biography of Dr. Edward Bach – Founder of Flower Essences

Dr. Edward Bach - Founder of Bach Flower EssencesDr. Edward Bach was a classically trained Physician, Homeopath, Pathologist and Bacteriologist.  He spent most of his career studying the relationship between mental or emotional states, personality, and how disease manifested in the body. 

Bach strived for a more natural, humane and effective way of medicine.  He developed probably the safest and perhaps the most effective method of healing the personality and emotions.  That being said; do not underestimate the power and potential of physical healing with Bach Flower Remedies.

Bach believed disease was the result of a conflict between soul, mind and body.  If you treat with the remedy or remedies that will neutralize that conflict then his virtue within him will heal the rest. 

Dr. Edward Bach the Man…


A Brief History of Bach’s Career