An Alt Med Researcher Proves Power of Bach’s Remedies?

Photo of Dr. Darla M Birchall-Nofiziger, ND - Developer of the Blessed Flower EssencesWhile I was working on my dissertation which was on, you guessed it… bioenergetics; I was running a lab procedure.  I was point probe testing the skin resistance on an acupuncture meridian.  I used an electrodermal screening device (EDS also known as EAV or Electro acupuncture according to Voll) to prove what verbal muscle testing indicated as a weakened meridian and what was indicating restoring the acupuncture point. 

I just happened to choose the Bach Flower library for this little mini experiment (otherwise known as dorking around in the lab).  Even this was a little strange since usually I worked with classic homeopathics or nosodes (energetic patterns of known disease causing agents).  Verbal Muscle Testing had indicated using Dr. Bach’s Holly flower remedy at a 4LM which is an extremely high potency.  Not really one I’d use in a practical or clinical setting.  When I EAV tested just the Holly unpotenized it was nowhere close – To the point where I would not have probed it at other potencies had it not been for muscle testing.  When I EAV tested Holly at 4LM not only was it a perfect match.  Yes I said perfect (meaning at 50.0) but here was the most fascinating part, it was with a 0.0 indicator drop. Image of Bioenergetic Device

Ok I’ve lost almost everyone by now… – But here’s what it all means.  A point probe test of 50.0 represents the meridian point to be in perfect balance which is homeostasis.  An indicator drop is a second measurement of the meridian which measures the healing demand made to the body from the substance being tested.  You could think of this like what kind of healing crisis would be involved or in other words how gentle the healing would be.  At a 0.0 it is the most gentle it could possibly be.

In all my research and clinical practicing I had never seen this happen.  I learned some of the most valuable lessons of my career that day.  First that EAV might be an objective validation of muscle testing.  Second was the power of working with virtuous energetic frequencies like what are found in Flower Essences.  It also set me on a path for exploring the power of using the exact frequencies required and beginning the research on using multiple potency essences and combinations.  All of which were critical lessons for the development of the Blessed Flower Essences.

Needless to say from that day on I have had a renewed interest and respect for flower essences.  As I began working with the first prototypes of the Blessed Flower Essences, I knew I was standing on the shoulders of a great Doctor, Researcher and Man, that was Dr. Edward Bach.  To see the evidence of his discovery proven out in a modern lab almost 80 years later was an awesome experience that I will treasure in my heart always.

“Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will find that the farther your researches advance, the greater you will realize the simplicity of all creation.”Bach’s Own Words