Flower Essences Can They Rid Symptoms Associated with Autism?

Puzzling Autism SymptomsOur Personal Success With Flower Essences Overcoming Symptoms of Autism


My 13 year old daughter Hannah has autism.  Obviously she has really struggled over the years  with her ability to handle stressful situations and her emotions in general.

These issues were holding her back from truly living her life in a meaningful and successful way.  Adding Flower Essences to her supplement regimen has improved her symptoms and outlook dramatically.  Her emotional & psychological functioning, attitude, personality and cognitive abilities have all been improved using these all natural beauties!

In fact for a time I was sending the flower essence blend STUDENT in her water bottles to school everyday.  While I was away in Mexico on vacation, she wasn’t getting any.  My first morning back I forgot to send her STUDENT with her to school.  You know how it is when returning from vacation or holiday – It takes a couple days to get the schedule back on track.

A few hours into the day, I get a phone call from her teacher.  She says to me…  “I don’t know what Hannah’s problem has been today and towards the end of last week.  She is like a totally different child and has COME COMPLETELY UNGLUED!”

I explained to her teacher that I had been out of town. – She doesn’t do well without me.  This was a half truth.  The truth is her symptoms of autism and struggles will flare up when she doesn’t get her supplements but especially her flower essences.

Hannah’s Ongoing Struggle in Math


For some bizarre reason Hannah has always struggled in math.  I say for some bizarre reason because she is wickedly smart, creative, highly naturally gifted in music.  She is also extremely logically minded.  When you add in her photographic memory you would expect her to test off the charts in math…  Right?!  One would think.

I am absolutely convinced that the flower essence GARDENIA was the reason for Hannah’s ability to meet her CRCT in Math.  We started her on it (on and off) last year which she met the math standard testing taking a modified test for the first time.  This year she met and took the regular test and is gaining a little ground!  She exceeds on the CRCT for all other subjects.

How Do You Know It is the Flower Essences & Not Supplements?


This is a valid question!  I always get asked this by my friends in the autism community.  The older the girls get the harder it is to get them to take their supplements consistently.

For Hannah it is not an issue of her not being able to or not wanting to swallow pills.  She will swallow up to a handful at a time individually (without water even!)  They eat at strange times – They hole up in their rooms like hermits.  It can be difficult to keep them on a regimen of taking supplements consistently.

Oddly, this doesn’t happen with the flower essences.  They want to take them.  In fact every time one of them gets hurts the first thing they reach for is the PEACE.  I think with the flower essences they FEEL  an immediate change.  This isn’t true with supplements – Although it is!  Don’t expect if you don’t get enough B vitamins EVERY DAY that you can be mentally sharp and emotionally stable!

Which Flower Essences Do You Recommend for Autism?


Every time I tell Hannah’s story to friends in the autism community, this is what they all want to know.  It’s been on my heart for the longest time to get all my thoughts posted on the Flower Essences most helpful in autism.

Well I  have finally completed it (at least for now).  I’m sure as we develop and research new flower essences they’ll make the list.  If they are helpful for autistic tenancies we’ll add them to the autism page.

Hopefully, we’ve made it really easy to find by placing it under the label AUTISM.  On this autism page, we will provide links to relevant articles and posts that may be helpful to the autism community.

We have personally used every flower essence described on the page at some point or another.  They all have tremendous value in addressing her autistic symptoms.  It’s just which autism symptoms are most bothersome, hindering, and disabling her at the time.


Alcohol in Flower Essences: A Recent Question

?~Q~?   Is There Alcohol in Your Flower Remedies or Just Essences / Energy of Flowers?  

Our flower remedies are imprinted on a base of Distilled Water, 8% Alcohol & Cellfood.  The alcohol used is distilled vodka (Gluten Free made from pineapple).  The Cellfood acts as a cellular carrier which boosts their effectiveness.

Since our remedies are diluted 1-2 drops in (any amount of water), any alcohol would be tasteless & undetectable.  In fact our bodies actually produce more alcohol than would be consumed by using Bach Flowers in this way.

Like all flower essences in alcoholic bases, you can “cook-off” the alcohol.  This is done by adding a couple drops of the remedy to a small amount of boiling water & letting cool.  If you consume the essences straight from the bottle (which is NOT how we recommend taking them), you might get a hint of the taste of alcohol.

Hope this shed some light & was helpful!


CELLFOOD – Boosts Our Flower Essences

CellFood Delivers Your Flower Essences

CELLFOOD - Oxygen Supplement, Trace Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes, & Electrolytes



All our products contain the trace ionic mineral and oxygen supplement, cellfood.  It helps provide trace minerals essential to bring the flower essences to each cell.  Also, the extra oxygen helps to preserve our flower essences.

We believe cellfood dramatically boosts the effectiveness of our products as well as keeps them pure.  That is why we highly recommend adding CellFood to your custom remedies using our flower essence kit sets!

CELLFOOD Liquid Concentrate is a proprietary oxygen, ionic trace mineral, and nutrient supplement.  It cleanses, detoxifies and helps to rebuild your cells.

It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, which is absorbed quickly and efficiently by all the cells in your body. Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds at the cellular level – cleansing and renewing the body’s systems throughout the day.

Cellfood is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free and gluten-free.

Cellfood® (Cell Food) contains…

  • 78 ionic trace minerals
  • 34 metabolic enzymes
  • 17 amino acids
  • electrolytes
  • dissolved oxygen
  • a unique water-splitting technology

“And Johovah God formed man of the dust of the ground(cell salts & minerals), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (filled him with oxygen); and man became a living soul.” GENESIS 2:7

Oxygen Does a Body Good!

Air is the most vital substance for a healthy body!  Don’t believe me? – Here’s a FACT… You can go 40 DAYS or more without FOOD. You can go 7 to 10 DAYS without WATER. You can ONLY go a matter of MINUTES without VITAL OXYGEN!

Oxygen fuels our systems. It fires our bodies’ chemical reactions. Oxygen is necessary for circulation. It helps eliminates our wastes and toxins. Not to mention, many disease causing parasitic microbes like bacteria, yeast and fungus can’t survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Cellfood enhances the critical bioavailability of oxygen to the body. It does it through its unique ability to ‘dissociate’ water molecules within the body; thereby releasing abundant oxygen, and hydrogen, directly to the cells.

In our home… We believe every glass of water is the opportunity to bring in essential nutrients, oxygen and healing instructions by the use of flower essences and cellfood.



Flower Essences – FAQ’s

How often should I take flower essences?

Most practitioners advise to take flower remedies about 4 times a day.  However, I personally believe every drop of water (or any other liquid you may be drinking) has the potential of bringing health, healing, restoration, renewal, positive mindsets, straightened priorities, clarity, confidence & courage when essences are present!  So why then should they be reserved for only 4 times a day?!  Every water pitcher, bottle or glass I fill has flower essences and or other vibrational remedies.

Can your single flower essences be used to make custom remedies?

Absolutely! –  Blessed Flower Essences’ single remedies can be used as “stock” or “mother” essences.  They can make countless custom blended remedies.  It is one reason we urge people to invest in single kits.  However, great care should be given to ensure they are prepared properly.

Are there a maximum number of single remedies I can take at the same time?

Bach Centre in England recommends a maximum of 7 single flower essences in a custom remedy treatment bottle.  Personally, I believe there is no harm in using too many essences but there could be consequences if someone is not getting the right one(s).  I have a few combinations that have 8 essences.  As a general rule, I try to keep them under 7 essences.  When I use muscle testing, which is frequently, only 5-7 Flower Essences come up and address many issues beautifully.    So I guess it is a fine line between making sure you have enough without diluting (or muffling) some of the instructions.

I don’t drink a lot of water – Can I add flower essences to other drinks?

Nothing is a substitute for pure water!  To ensure tissues don’t get overly acidic and to keep organs functioning optimally it requires proper hydration.  Every person needs at least ½ their body weight in ounces per day in REGULAR INTERVALS.  Cells can only hold up to 5-6 ounces at a time.  Think of this as sand holding water after the tide.  It can only hold so much before it becomes flooded.  Therefore, I recommend sipping 4-5 ounces every 20-30 minutes.

Many people are dehydrated even though they consume enough ounces per day.  They might drink 12-16 ounces once they become thirsty every 3-4 hours.  When the body is in starvation mode it will hold on to fat.  It will do the same thing when dehydrated – It will hold on to water.

All that being said I am also a realist.  If you drink other beverages it is still an opportunity to bring in the flower essences!  If you are someone who has difficulties having one (or more) too many alcoholic drinks try adding crave to them & see if helps you from overindulging!  In our family we juice a lot & drink smoothies everyday so essences can also be added to these liquid meals.  Flower remedies boost the medicinal effects of herbal teas tremendously.  We also add them to baths, lotions, shampoo, conditioners, and facial masks or just about everything else the flower essences can be easily mixed with.

Is it ok to take more than one combination flower remedy at the same time?

It is not uncommon for me to take multiple flower essence combinations in the same DAY.  However, I don’t mix them at the same time.  Here’s why…  The energetic vibrations in flower remedies act as healing messages to the body.  If you give too many instructions at the same time it loses some of its clarity.  Think of this as voices in a crowd – The more people speaking the harder it is to hear!

Here’s an example of how using the flower essence combinations might be done throughout a typical day…  Fatigue, Alert or Transition might be a good choice in your first glass of water of the day.  Everyone should be taking in water soon upon waking anyway.  Then if you’re off to work you might choose Professional.  Or if you’re off to class so you might go with Student.  If you’ve had a really stressful day when you get home you might take Peace, Stress or Family Bliss to help unwind.  You might sip on some sleep at bedtime in water warm milk or herbal tea.

We almost always pass Family Bliss around when doing chores on the weekend.  When someone in our family gets hurt they sip on some Peace.  When someone receives some bad news we take Grief.

I’ve heard flower essence remedies can be used for muscle aches and pains?

I have had tremendous results with flower essences reducing aches and pain.  Peace would always be my go to for any type of pain.  Another good choice might be Forgiveness as it deals with rigidity, flow and hardness issues.  I find flower remedies especially helpful when using body mapping and / or muscle testing for determining the right essences to apply.  It usually requires only 1 or 2 applications for immediate and lasting results!

I would also look into other underlying causes like poor digestion & nutritional deficiencies as a source of the pain.  Deficiencies like calcium, magnesium and/or potassium are the most likely culprits for pain.  Also, if there are excessive acids in the tissues that can definitely add to aches, muscle soreness and pain.


What Brings Our Essences Beyond Bach’s?

“They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing that gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures to bring us nearer to our Souls, and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings.” In Bach’s Own Words

There are a couple things that make the Blessed Flower Essences™ product line unique. The most significant differences are:

  1. Ours Use Multiple Potencies (Multi-Chords)
  2. Ours Are Made Using Modern Technology
  3. We’ve Added a Cellular Carrier

The Power of the Multi-Chord Essences

The Blessed Flower Essences are multi-chord remedies. This mean they contain multiple potencies all working at separate frequencies. This makes them far more powerful then other Bach Flower Essences you will find on the market.  As a negative frequency has begun to be neutralized it will change the frequency.  Think of it as a wave that is being weighted down when resistance has been added. It creates a drag to the wave. That wave has now changed and is oscillating at a new frequency.  By using a Multi-Chord it helps to “catch” those new frequencies. This helps stop them (emotions, attitudes, physical symptoms etc.) much more effectively and completely.

Our Single Remedies (coming soon), are available in 2 different multi-chords, Acute and Chronic. At each healing level the Single Remedies use 8 proprietary potencies. We feel this offers the most flexibility to practitioners to target the goals and therapy objectives of each client.

Generally V, X or C potencies are used for acute issues.  These are generally from a current situation and are usually quite dramatic.  The acute situation can be physical or emotional.  Many times at this level they are good for the sake of detoxifying the cells and organs of toxins or emotional traumas.  You could think of these as any hot situation, severe, sudden emotional outbreak, physical injury or sudden illness etc. Acute potencies are also good when trying to target surface areas like for topical applications.

Higher potencies like in an M, MM, or LM range are usually chronic. They can also be deep seated, buried, or repressed. When it is for a more physical nature or long term illness, the Chronic Multi-Chord should be considered. It would be indicated for ridding miasms. Miasms are energetic flaws or pathological frequencies passed through DNA down from ancestors.

Our powerful combination remedies, known as practical application bouquets, target both Acute and Chronic levels all containing 16 potencies of each flower essence. Most of our bouquets have 7 flower essences.

Benefits of Using Modern Bioenergetic Technology

Image of Bioenergetic Device
We energetically imprint the essences using modern frequency generating equipment. Dr. Birchall-Nofziger’s energetic library is managed by an Avatar. She uses a Wave-Runner to imprint the remedies.

Advantages of Modern Technology:


Allowing us to make powerful customized remedy combinations – These are known as ‘bouquets”. The Bach Rescue Remedy is the most popular bouquet or flower remedy combination. People can spend a lot of money to see a Bach Flower Practitioner to develop custom Bach Flower Bouquets.

Making very high potencies possible. This means we can create complex multi-chords which allows for a more complete emotional healing.

• It eliminates the risk of the flower essences getting contaminated with harmful chemicals – so there are no pesticides or herbicides used by the nurseries.

• This method also allows for controlled double blind studies since imprinting can be done on commercial unopened water.  Dr. Birchall-Nofziger has been designing such a study on behavioral improvements in ADD / ADHD & Autism.

• It allows us to  collect and study any essence we want. Have a flower, weed or tree right out of your backyard that speaks to you? – One that makes your spirit light up when you look at it or smell it? It is possible to make a Blessed Flower Essence out of it.

Cellfood: A Powerful Cellular Carrier

CELLFOOD - Cellular Supplement with Oxygen, Trace Minerals, Plant Based Amino Acids, Enzymes & Electrolytes!


All of our products contain the trace ionic mineral and oxygen supplement, cellfood. It helps provide the trace minerals essential to bring the flower essence to each cell. Also, the extra oxygen helps to preserve the essences. We believe cellfood boosts the effectiveness of our products as well as keeps them pure.

CELLFOOD Liquid Concentrate is a proprietary oxygen, ionic trace mineral, and nutrient supplement.  It cleanses, detoxifies and helps to rebuild your cells. Cellfood® (Cell Food) contains…

  • 78 ionic trace minerals
  • 34 metabolic enzymes
  • 17 amino acids
  • electrolytes
  • dissolved oxygen
  • a unique water-splitting technology

It provides an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system, which is absorbed quickly and efficiently by all the cells in your body. Cellfood’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds at the cellular level – cleansing and renewing the body’s systems throughout the day.  Cellfood is made from all-natural plant substances, and is yeast-free and gluten-free.