Flower Essences in Alert Saves Family Pet – Our Yorkie Poo Bella!

This story of healing & restoration with flower essences begins with taking Bella…  our adorable and much loved puppy girl to the vet for a teeth cleaning.  No big deal right?  Well apparently they have to put them under general anesthesia to do it.  I didn’t think too much of it.

When I went to pick up Bella from the vet that evening after they had her all day the vet tells me…  “She’s still a little drowsy and probably will be the rest of the night.”  Again I didn’t give it too much thought.  I drive home with her head down on my lap the entire time.  Which is VERY uncharacteristic as she is usually a least a little nervous to drive anywhere.

When I arrive home with her about 20 minutes later, and put her down for the first time… I couldn’t believe the condition she was in!  She was stumbling around, walking in circles, falling over, clearly dizzy and looks drunk!

For several hours I try to keep her still but as time goes by its time I need to get the family fed and laundry finished.  Also, Sarah, my daughter had a small cold and really needed my attention as well.

Poor pitiful little Bella normally this vibrant high strung cute yorkie-poo (Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle Mix) was in such sorry shape.  She tries to follow me from room to room collapsing or falling on the floor in total exhaustion.

At this point I am seriously considering taking her to the emergency after hours vet clinic.  This was WAY beyond a little drowsy!  She didn’t seem to be getting any better.  So at first I consider giving her some activated charcoal to help soak up some of the drugs.  But I know that would mean her eating which she wasn’t interested in and will take TOO LONG!  She NEEDS HELP NOW!

I decide to try some ALERT with her.  Immediately after rubbing a couple drops directly onto her coat, she perks up and starts licking my face.  I am so glad Sarah was there to record this event even though it is poor quality footage and filmed sideways.

I love using the flower essences with animals and pets! To see their behavior & personality change so quickly in a dog who can’t possibly pretend to just try to please you. I don’t think the “placebo effect” can come into play when using essences on pets & young children. They don’t have the higher thinking for psychosomatic cause & effect.  The mind over matter phenomenon wouldn’t apply.

Bella gets as excited about getting flower essences as other dogs get excited about BACON!  It is so funny – You just need to start walking towards her with one of the bottles & the tail just starts wagging! – Or gives her the “waggly-nub” as the family calls it.

This experience made me wonder if alert could provide relief or possibly even save lives in cases of drug overdoses.  If I hadn’t seen the immediate change in her with my own eyes I would not have believed it!


Alert: Natural Remedy For Concentration, Attention Span, Memory, & ADD / ADHD

Alert Blessed Flower Essence Image

Designed to Increase Mental Clarity, Alertness, Memory & Attention. It Reduces Mental Fatigue, Fuzziness, Distraction & Racing Overactive Mind

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Alert: a Combination Remedy

28.3 % of participants of various age groups, health status and social classes report an inability to concentrate, in Dr. Birchall-Nofziger’s clinical studies.

This does not include related issues like memory loss, mental fatigue or nervous conditions. Some sort of mental deficiency seems to be a huge problem in today’s fast-paced, information over-loaded and twittified society. Of course feel free to follow us on twitter – lol… 🙂 (to prove a point).

Today almost everyone is subjected to a lack of concentration because of mass media, modern technology, working in a cubical environment, nutritional deficiencies, and electromagnetic disturbances. With technological advancement, it is becoming an ever increasing problem.

The 7 Flower Essences Featured in Alert

Image of Cerato Ceratostigma willmottiana Blessed Flower IconCeratoCeratostigma Willmottiana

This flower essence fosters conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, judgment and instincts. It prevents one from being easily distracted or influenced, especially by opinions or actions of others. It is also helpful when distraction stems from over complicating things or trying to please too many people.

Blessed Flower IconChestnut BudAesculus Hippocastanum

This flower essence is the remedy of choice for all learning disabilities. It increases concentration, inattentiveness, carelessness, observation, and absentmindedness. It is good for retaining memory, or for “what did I come in for?” or “where did I park the car?” or any time where observation is important.

Blessed Flower IconClematisClematis Vitalba

An essence for daydreaming, mental fuzziness or anytime one becomes withdrawn into fantasy. It boosts creativity, mental clarity, alertness, problem solving and goal setting. This is an essence that is included in Dr. Bach Original Rescue Remedy.

Blessed Flower IconImpatiensImpatiens Glandulifera

This is the flower remedy for driven, impatient, restless people who rush through things and are impulsive. It calms frustration and anxiety. It is the essence of choice for fidgets, twitches, itchiness, and nervous conditions. It is another essence in Bach’s Rescue Remedy.

Blessed Flower IconScleranthusScleranthus Annuus

Anytime there is an indecisive, waffling, debating with back and forth deliberations this is the flower essence to take. It instills an open, flexible, curious mind that is able to make confident decisions. It restores distractions, lack of concentration, mental inconsistencies, erratic or unreliable behavior and moods.

Blessed Flower IconWalnutJuglans Regia

Walnut is the essence for all outside influences such as people, toxicity, allergens, and negativity in general. Most lack of concentration or attention is an inability to tune out outside stimulation which comes from all directions. It also aids in project planning and goal setting.

Blessed Flower IconWhite ChestnutAesculus Hippocastanum

This is the flower remedy when there is an overactive mind when there is a flurry of mental activity, obsessive or racing thoughts, songs that “get stuck in your head”, mental arguments or debating which usually leads to mental shut-down, mental replay of reliving past events over and over, or mental rehearsing of something in the future.