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Preliminary Research Says Try Delosperma For:
Lack, Abandonment, Feeling Vulnerable, Survival Instincts, Resourcefulness, Patience, Protection, Tolerance, Anxious Worry, Forgiveness, Setting Boundaries, Good Attitude While Waiting, Times of Transition, & Calm




Save on Gardenia!

Save on GARDENIA! 

Gardenia: Far More to Offer Than Just Its Beauty and Lovely Smell!


Preliminary Research Says Try Gardenia For:
Returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources.



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Olive (Olea europaea) image

Save on OLIVE 

Olive – Dr. Bach’s Natural Energy Booster


Olive is Dr. Edward Bach’s energetic, renewal & regeneration flower essence remedy. It can quickly take someone from total & complete physical and or mental FATIGUE, exhaustion & weariness to strength, vitality, vigor, renewed interest & FEELING energized.





Walnut (Juglans regia) image

Save on WALNUT 

Walnut – Dr. Bach’s Flower of Steadfast Protection


Walnut is the Steadfast & Protection Bach Flower Essence. From Over-Sensitive to Outside Forces, Excessive Trust & Lacking Assertiveness to Defensive Strength, Inner Stability, Assertive & Able To Withstand Toxicity, Strong People, Germs and Allergies





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Save on CRAVE Choose Size15 ml Bottle $11.95 USDSample Vial $2.20 USD

Save on CRAVE

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Ready For Shopping For That Bikini? Here’s Your Chance to Stick to a Diet & SAVE!


CRAVE Was Designed to Help You Make the Best Possible Choices, Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Helps Boost Willpower, Resolve, & Restores a “Can-Do” Attitude! It’s Perfect for Starting a 12 Step Program, Changing Your Diet or Sticking to a Workout Plan.




Save on ALL BETTERChoose Size15 ml Bottle $11.95 USDSample Vial $2.20 USD


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Allergy Season is Here! Be Prepared & Fight Back with All Better…


Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings. This One is Great Anytime You Just Need to Feel Better Fast!



Sale on Flower Essences Begins March 1, 2012

Family Bliss

This is a great product to take when you’ve got your spring cleaning to do. Any task that requires the whole family doing things that they don’t want to do can be helped by BFE’s Family Bliss. It really cuts down on the bickering, complaining and family drama. Plus it helps to remind us to really help and serve each other. It also helps us to keep a good attitude while we work.

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Designed to Foster Love, Tolerance, Patience, Gentility, Compassion, Inspiration, & Team Work. It Rids Smothering, Tantrums & Bickering

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craving image

Designed to Help You Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Boosts Willpower, Resolve, & A “Can-Do” Attitude.

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Getting ready for bathing suit season? Maybe you just started on an exercise regimen again and you just want to “stick to it this time”. Or perhaps you are trying to kick coffee, cigarettes, junk food, porn, prescription or street drugs. Hey maybe you want to quit picking your nose in public or texting on your job. No matter what the habit you are trying to break, crave was designed to boost your willpower and resolve. To help you accomplish what you set out to do.

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Rid Cravings, Compulsions & Addictions: Weight Loss & Bad Habit Flower Remedy

craving image

Designed to Help You Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Boosts Willpower, Resolve, & A “Can-Do” Attitude.

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Crave: a Combination Remedy

More and more we’ve seemed to become an instant gratification society. We like what we like in spite of potential consequences.

We’ve developed this flower essence combination to support addictions, cravings or anytime one needs to boost their willpower or resolve.

It is our mission to help break people free from the bondage of their destructive lusts and appetites. You should consider this potent combination if you are trying to break any bad habit, beginning a 12 step program or when starting a weight loss program. Pretty much anytime you find yourself saying… “I really shouldn’t but…”

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Crave

Image of Agrimony Blessed Flower IconAgrimonyAgrimonia Eupatoria

This is the remedy of choice for the mental torment that addictions and cravings create. It helps people who tend to run from reality, or who need to avoid conflict or pain or those who stuff or gloss over their problems. It helps restore communication and the ability to own up to ones’ issues.

Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower IconCherry PlumPrunus Cerasifera

Impulsive or compulsive behavior is best controlled with this flower essence. Additionally it helps some of the severe detox symptoms or overcoming physical addictions. This remedy should be considered anytime there is any type of loss of control or when one is fearful of being able to control their behavior.

Image of Gentian Blessed Flower IconGentianGentiana Amarella

This flower essence is the will and resolve strengthening remedy of choice. It is helpful any time there is discouragement, or when difficulties or hindrances toward goals makes one look for a reason to give up. Additionally, it helps to prevent relapses or overcoming setbacks or helping one get back on their horse.

Image of Rock Water Blessed Flower IconRock Water

This particular flower remedy is the self-discipline and persevering essence. It combats perfectionism, self-criticisms, dogma, or being overly strict or beating themselves. This keeps one from setting impossible standards which could lead to a fall or relapse.

Image of Vervain Blessed Flower IconVervainVerbena Officinalis

Vervain is another opportunity to build a strong will and prevent becoming fanatical. It also helps alleviate the irritability, frustration and annoyance that is symptomatic of trying to break habits. It fosters a can-do attitude.

Image of Walnut Blessed Flower IconWalnutJuglans Regia

Walnut is the essence for all outside influences such as people, toxicity, and negativity in general. This remedy was chosen for its ability to protect from drug pushers or friends who want you to go out for ice cream when you’re on a diet.

Image of Wild Rose Blessed Flower IconWild Rose Rosa Canina

This floral essence is the remedy for building drive and willpower. It instills an awareness that life can change for the better. It fights apathy, resignation,or when there is no desire to improve unfavorable conditions. It builds the “want to”.