Depression :-( (Flower Essences) Natural Remedy When Depressed, Sad, or Moody

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Designed to Boost Joy, Optimism, Enthusiasm & Humor. It Rids Staleness, Hopelessness, Depression, Discouragement, Sorrow & Pessimism

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Depression: a Combination Remedy

To know what a huge problem depression is in modern times, one just has to look to the sales of Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, Zexapro, and Adderall sales. Billions are being spent every year for people to just “feel better”.

Many participants in Dr. Birchall-Nofziger’s clinical studies reported these medications were ineffective or insufficient at managing their symptoms. Unfortunately too many people are more like dragging their bodies around rather than living.

To help bioenergetically support what are clearly emotional issues, Dr. Birchall-Nofziger designed this lovely bouquet to support mood, optimism to help restore joy and humor.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Depression

Image of Gentian Blessed Flower IconGentianGentiana Amarella

This flower essence restore optimism and helps us to get over things. Any time there is pessimism, discouragement or when depressed this remedy should be considered.

Image of Gorse Blessed Flower IconGorseUlex Europaeus

Gorse helps restore serenity and balance. It restores hopelessness, despair, pessimism, depression and self-confidence. It fosters a deeply felt security that everything is as it should be. It also protects us against disappointment.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower IconHornbeamCarpinus Betulus

This floral essence was selected for its ability to rid the sense of stagnation, staleness, lack of interest in fun, work or life. It is good for combating the Monday morning blues and the sense of burnout, dread boredom and general weariness.

Image of Mustard Blessed Flower IconMustardSinapis Arvensis

This is the remedy of choice for depression for no logical reason or the gloom and doom feeling. It restores humorlessness, sadness, melancholy, seriousness, negativity and deep sudden despair. It is like a dark ominous cloud that comes from nowhere.

Image of Olive Blessed Flower IconOliveOlea Europaea

Olive was chosen to help support exhaustion and a lack of strength and vitality that goes hand in hand with depression. It is so helpful in restoring the pleasure of things which were once enjoyed. It renews interest and coping mechanisms.

Image of Sweet Chestnut Blessed Flower IconSweet ChestnutCastanea Sativa

This flower essence should be considered anytime there is an intense sorrow, when things seem utterly bleak and completely hopeless. Also, when someone feels their complete destruction, or ruin is pressing them or they are at the edge of endurance or on the verge of breakdown.

Image of Wild Rose Blessed Flower IconWild Rose Rosa Canina

Wild Rose is a feel good essence for sure. It fosters spontaneity, happiness, vibrance and helps restore interest, enthusiasms, adventure, joy and festivity.