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The flower essences blended in Fatigue are amazing at giving you that second wind quickly! Fatigue is one of my favorite samples to offer complete strangers who look like they are dragging themselves through the day. It always leaves people who try it when they are WORN OUT… pleasantly surprised at how good it works! Especially without the crash & burn that stimulants give you. It is great during times where you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. The holiday season fits that category in my life. From Thanksgiving – New Years is usually a blur to us. Mainly from the extra demands from both family & year-end business activities.

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Fatigue Bach Flower Essence Blend

Designed to Boost Energy, Strength,Vitality, Vigor & Endurance. It Reduces Burnout, Drowsiness, Weariness, Hypnotic Trances & Boredom.

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Beat Stress with Blend Bach Flower Essences

Designed to Support Nervous Conditions & Stress. It Offers Relief For the Fight or Flight Response. It Restores Calm, Patience, Rationality, & Stability

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Boy oh Boy does this flower essence blend come in handy if you’ve got children! Anytime there is uncertainty, tension or frustration instead of taking it out on loved ones or over reacting to a volatile situation, try taking some Stress. It seems like lately I’ve been taking this one when “trying to decide the appropriate punishment” when disciplining our children! This flower essence combination makes a great topical treatment too when there is stress, tension & aches in the muscles or joints. Try it also in a nice relaxing epsom or other nourishing salt bath!

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Get More Energy! Natural Flower Remedy for Chronic Fatigue, Exhaustion & Tired

tired fatigued imageDesigned to Boost Energy, Strength,Vitality, Vigor & Endurance. It Reduces Burnout, Drowsiness, Weariness, Hypnotic Trances & Boredom.

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Fatigue: a Combination Remedy

It seems like absolutely everybody gets plagued with weariness, malaise, exhaustion or fatigue, at least at times.

In Dr. Birchall-Nofziger’s clinical research, more than 1 out of 6 of those polled reported fatigue or exhaustion was a primary health concern or symptom.

We’ve hand picked the essences that help put a pep-in-your-step, promote strength, vitality, and enthusiasm. It should also be considered after an illness to help recover your strength and vitality.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Fatigue

Image of Clematis Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisClematis Vitalba

This is the drowsy and even narcolepsy flower essence. It is helpful for sleepiness or even after fainting or when unconscious. It helps prevent daydreaming, being withdrawn into fantasy, or when in trance or dream states.

Image of Elm Blessed Flower Essences IconElmUlmus Procera

This essence was chosen because many people who are most chronically fatigued are caring for or serving as caretaking for others. This is the flower essence of choice for feeling overwhelmed, acute crisis from excessive responsibilities or when someone has pushed themselves past their limits or after working all night on those hundred projects.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeamCarpinus Betulus

This floral essence was selected for its ability to rid the sense of stagnation, staleness, lack of interest in fun, work or life. It is good for combating burnout, dread, boredom and general weariness. It promotes strength, vitality, motivation, enthusiasm and physical activity.

Image of Oak Blessed Flower Essences IconOakQuercus Robur

This essence was chosen for its enduring and steadfast strength, reliability and dependability. It is indicated when someone has pushed past their endurance or when they are overworked and overwhelmed. I think it is safe to say most people are tired from being overworked and overwhelmed.

Image of Olive Blessed Flower Essences IconOliveOlea Europaea

Anytime one needs vitality, strength and an ability to cope with all of life’s demands, olive should be considered. It helps to restore and renew interest in enjoyable activities. It is indicated anytime there is stress or strain, weariness, burnout from constant worrying or physical exhaustion and heaviness.

Image of Walnut Blessed Flower Essences IconWalnutJuglans Regia

A state of chronic over-stimulation is exhausting. Walnut is the flower essence that guards against all outside influences. It builds defensive strength, inner stability, assertiveness and helps us establish boundaries.

Image of Wild Rose Blessed Flower Essences IconWild RoseRosa Canina

This essence is a feel good remedy if there ever was one. It helps make one vibrant, happy, spontaneous and enthusiastic. It restores interest, vitality, ambition, drive, and increases joy, festivity and a sense of adventure. Yes, we’re huge fans if you can’t tell.