Homeopathic Treatment for Student’s Learning, Memory, Retention & Comprehension

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student imageDesigned to Support Learning, Retention & Comprehension. It Prevents Distraction, Daydreaming, Carelessness & Boredom. It Aids Observation & Memory.

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Student: a Combination Remedy

Any full time student would agree that to be a skilled and diligent learner requires mental agility and even physical endurance.

It is particularly challenging to be forced to study a subject you don’t care about or like. Many kids think “I’ll never actually use this stuff in the real world”.

We put together the essences that will support both the mental requirements and the right attitudes to ensure a most successful student.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Student

image of cerato - Ceratostigma willmottiana Blessed Flower Essences IconCeratoCeratostigma Willmottiana

This flower essence fosters conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, judgment and instincts. It prevents one from being easily distracted or influenced, especially by opinions or actions of others. Cerato would help one be able to stand against peer pressure. It would also be indicated if the student has to play teacher’s pet.

Image of Chestnut Bud Blessed Flower Essences IconChestnut BudAesculus Hippocastanum

This flower essence is the remedy of choice for all learning disabilities. It increases concentration, inattentiveness, carelessness, observation, and absentmindedness. It is good for retaining memory, or as one client called “brain farts” or any time where observation is important.

Image of clematis vitalba Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisClematis Vitalba

An essence for daydreaming, mental fuzziness or anytime one becomes withdrawn into fantasy. It boosts creativity, mental clarity, alertness, problem solving and goal setting. This is an essence that is included in Dr. Bach Original Rescue Remedy.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeamCarpinus Betulus

This floral essence was selected for its ability to rid lack of interest in learning or school work. It is good for combating the Monday morning blues, burnout, dread, boredom and general weariness. It is perfect for the reluctant “do I have to” or “I don’t wanna” student.

Image of Impatiens Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiens Impatiens Glandulifera

This is the flower remedy for driven, impatient, restless people who rush through work and are prone to careless errors. Areas most effected by this would be spelling, typos, careless math computations, or when taking multiple choice testing – Especially when it is a choose the best choice style test. It calms frustration and anxiety which is also helpful during testing. Additionally, it can ease fidgeting or hyperactivity.

Image of Olive Blessed Flower Essences IconOliveOlea Europaea

This essence was chosen to help combat weariness, exhaustion, a lack of energy and interest. It helps to renew ones ability to cope with responsibilities and promotes endurance.

Image of Scleranthus Blessed Flower Essences IconScleranthusScleranthus Annuus

Anytime there is an indecisive, waffling, debating with back and forth deliberations this is the flower essence to take. It instills a open, flexible, curious mind who is able to make confident decisions. This essence is another that will aid testing. It also restores distractions, lack of concentration, mental inconsistencies, erratic or unreliable behavior and moods. It is also helpful for stuttering.