Transition Combination Essence

transition and opportunity imageDesigned to Help You in Times of Change. It Boosts Judgment, Instincts, Communication, Control, Decision Making & Letting Go of the Past.

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Transition: a Combination Remedy

Major life changes can leave one feeling insecure, excited, and needing direction.

Although change is a necessary and normal part of life, it can definitely take its toll. It can leave us vulnerable to the thoughts and opinions and demands of others.

We chose the flower essences to best support major life changes, transition and new endeavors. This could include marriage, divorce, a new baby, starting a new job, retirement, engagement, relocating, or picking schools, majors or vocations.

6 Blessed Flower Essences in Transition

Image of Agrimony Blessed Flower Essences.comAgrimonyAgrimonia EupatoriaThis is the essence for increasing communication skills and promoting openness and honesty. It relieves anxiety, fears, insincerity, artificiality, and mental torment. It allows one to be themselves.
image of cerato - Ceratostigma willmottiana Blessed Flower Essences.comCeratoCeratostigma WillmottianaThis is the flower essence for when one is unsure about their own judgment or wanting confirmation or validation from others. It was chosen for its ability to assert ourselves when we are more susceptible to opinions of others. Or when feeling insecure and needing approval. Like working with new people or meeting the new mother-in-law.
Image of Scleranthus Blessed Flower Essences.comScleranthusScleranthus AnnuusAnytime there is an indecisive, waffling, debating with back and forth deliberations this is the flower essence to take. It instills a open, flexible, curious mind who is able to make confident decisions. It restores distractions, lack of concentration, mental inconsistencies, erratic or unreliable behavior and moods. It is also helpful for nervousness.
Image of Walnut Blessed Flower Essences.comWalnutJuglans RegiaWalnut is the essence for all difficulties and stress from life changes and transitions. It protects us from outside influences such as people and events. It also helps us break away from the past which is necessary to press on to the future. It provides defensive strength, inner stability and assertiveness.
Image of Wild Oat Blessed Flower Essences.comWild OatBromus RamosusAnytime one is clueless as to “what’s next” Wild Oat is indicated – Times when we need and seek direction. This essence is the most helpful when trying to decide how to use resources. It fosters intuition, dedication, self-realization, and clarity.
Image of Dr. Edward Bach Blessed Flower Essences.comDr. Bach’s Original Rescue Remedy

  1. Cherry Plum – Losing Cool or Control
  2. Clematis – Day-Dreamer, Fantasizes, Drowsy, Inattentive
  3. Impatiens – Impatient, Restless, Rushes, Driven, Irritability
  4. Rock Rose – Terror, Panic , Hysteria, Shock, Trauma
  5. Star of Bethlehem – Shock, Grief, Injury, Tormented, Fright