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Preliminary Research Says Try Delosperma For:
Lack, Abandonment, Feeling Vulnerable, Survival Instincts, Resourcefulness, Patience, Protection, Tolerance, Anxious Worry, Forgiveness, Setting Boundaries, Good Attitude While Waiting, Times of Transition, & Calm




Save on Gardenia!

Save on GARDENIA! 

Gardenia: Far More to Offer Than Just Its Beauty and Lovely Smell!


Preliminary Research Says Try Gardenia For:
Returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources.



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Olive (Olea europaea) image

Save on OLIVE 

Olive – Dr. Bach’s Natural Energy Booster


Olive is Dr. Edward Bach’s energetic, renewal & regeneration flower essence remedy. It can quickly take someone from total & complete physical and or mental FATIGUE, exhaustion & weariness to strength, vitality, vigor, renewed interest & FEELING energized.





Walnut (Juglans regia) image

Save on WALNUT 

Walnut – Dr. Bach’s Flower of Steadfast Protection


Walnut is the Steadfast & Protection Bach Flower Essence. From Over-Sensitive to Outside Forces, Excessive Trust & Lacking Assertiveness to Defensive Strength, Inner Stability, Assertive & Able To Withstand Toxicity, Strong People, Germs and Allergies





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Ready For Shopping For That Bikini? Here’s Your Chance to Stick to a Diet & SAVE!


CRAVE Was Designed to Help You Make the Best Possible Choices, Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Helps Boost Willpower, Resolve, & Restores a “Can-Do” Attitude! It’s Perfect for Starting a 12 Step Program, Changing Your Diet or Sticking to a Workout Plan.




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Allergy Season is Here! Be Prepared & Fight Back with All Better…


Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings. This One is Great Anytime You Just Need to Feel Better Fast!



BFE’s Single Flower Essence Originals

Blessed Flower Essences’

Original Single Remedies


If you can’t tell, we have a great appreciation for the beauty of flowers and plants. However, we have an even greater passion and love for the healing found in their essences. We believe God meets us where we are in a very literal way. You probably have a plethora of healing in your own back yard!

Our very first original creation came out of Dr. Nofziger’s personal garden and is her favorite flower… the Gardenia. The fluffy purity of the petals next to the deep gorgeous green makes the white really pop! Not to mention, the smell of Gardenia is truly divine. It has since become one of our family’s favorite flower essences. Dr. Nofziger believes it might be possible that “smelly flowers” offer additional virtues that aren’t found in ones that aren’t fragrant.

Since falling in love with Gardenia, we’ve become obsessed with collecting, studying and creating powerful multi-chord remedies of all sorts of flowers. Our growing single flower essence line includes some of the most common, interesting or beautiful flowers we can find.

Soon we will be offering a Flower Essence Fan Membership Club. It will most likely start with quarterly offerings. Then grow into monthly offering as our library and body of research grows. Like BFE on Facebook to keep up with new flower essence originals, special offers & give-aways!



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Buy Dandelion Flower Essence Remedy



This flower essence remedy is extremely beneficial for cleansing the physical body especially the detoxification and eliminative organs – Primarily the Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Lymph and Large Intestines. It is good for knowing when to let go and when to hold on, in a literal sense & figurative. It offers protective strength so it might be helpful for prolapses of uterus, colon or bladder. Dandelion soothes minor irritants, agitation, irritability, complaining, murmuring, and tension. Try it for hardened tissues like scars, adhesions, stones and other sclerotic conditions.

Buy Delsperma Flower Essence Remedy



This flower essence is great to take anytime you are lacking ANYTHING – Money, Job, Appetite, Determination, Passion, Self-Confidence or Anything else. It is protective, adaptive, resourceful, tolerant, producing a good, patient attitude. It boosts intuition and survival instincts. It rids separation anxiety and helps with abandonment issues. Try taking the Delosperma Flower Essence during times of change, transition or weathering any storm.

Buy Gardenia Flower Essence Remedy



The gardenia flower remedy is very good at returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources. When out of balance it will cause confusion, flightiness, flaky, muddled thoughts, running in circles, off on tangents, starts & stops speech in mid conversation, feelings like they are “spinning wheels”, poor time management with half completed projects. Ultimately when unbalanced it will lead to frustration, stagnation & even physical congestion.

Buy Hosta Flower Essence



This flower essence is a feel good remedy for sure! The Hosta remedy was an instant hit with the entire family. It has the ability to lift the spirit and produce a completely joyous and carefree attitude. It is great for excessive worry. If taken in a good mood it can even make you giddy or childlike silly. It gave me a permanent grin and made both me and Sarah (one of my daughter’s) giggly. A very interesting thing happened with my other daughter Hannah… She noticed she didn’t have to say everything she thinks which for her can be a big problem.

Buy White Hyacinth Flower Essence

White Hyacinth

Hyacinth (White)

This flower essence remedy is still being studied in detail – But here’s what we know so far… It came up for us when we all had a cold going around. It might be a good flower essence to take during times of sickness. It is extremely purifying so would be great for any kind of infection. It helps reduce chest congestion & cuts down on mucous buildup. It is soothing for a dry sore throat and helps drain the ears so might be a good flower essence for an ear infection.

Buy Meyer Lemon Flower Essence Remedy

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon flower remedy is the most calming, deeply relaxing flower essence I’ve ever used. The first time I tried it when I was already calm it almost made me need to lie down. It is very laid back, patient and receptive. Meyer Lemon is the perfect essence for someone who is overly intense, stressed out, or rigid. who has needed a “CHILL PILL” It promotes sleep, relaxation and meditation. It soothes the nerves, and is good for inflammation, pain, stiffness or soreness. It detoxifies the stomach of food additives, pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals. If the Meyer Lemon essence sang a song it would have to be “Don’t Worry… Be Happy”


LACK, Abadonment or Vulnerability Got You Stressed? Try Delosperma Flower Essence

Buy Delosperma Flower Essence

Buy Delosperma
Flower Essence

$ 15.95

Of our most recent flower essence additions, I have to say the Delosperma flower remedy is among my very favorites. Over the last several weeks, we’ve been testing out some of our new creations. To understand some of the amazing healing potential & personality qualities of the Delosperma flower essence, let’s take a more in depth look at the behavior of the Delosperma flower itself…

Delosperma cooperi is a dwarf (low growing) perennial plant, native to South Africa. Its vibrant 2 inch magenta flowers cover the slightly fuzzy grayish-green succulent foliage. It blooms over very long periods and is nearly indestructible. These pinkish-purple flowers tend to play peek-a-boo, slightly closing up on cloudy days, in the dark or when it rains – It always knows how to protect itself in unfavorable situations. This hardy ice plant is heat, cold and drought resistant as well as salt tolerant. Delosperma is a highly adaptable plant that thrives with very little or no care. Typically, this plant is used for ground-cover or adds a beautiful burst of color to rock gardens. It is an evergreen succulent.

Our Impressions of Delosperma:

While our family was on vacation, the only flower essences we brought to use were our most recent single flower essence originals. This enabled our family to experience their benefits in these uncharted waters. Delosperma was one of the flower essences among them.

The Delosperma flower essence first came up (using muscle testing) for our Dog Bella. She already gets freaked out when riding in the car. Needless to say, the 10 hour drive was already stressful! Then being in a totally unfamiliar environment didn’t help her stress level. Bella was very obviously suffering with severe separation anxiety when my husband left the room of our vacation condo. She was whining, crying, pacing, her abandonment issues were very apparent.

Bella quickly settled after rubbing some of the Delosperma essence on her coat. The whining, complaining & pacing stopped almost immediately. I LOVE working with pets! I’m always amazed how quickly, safely & effective the right essences deliver impressive results – I swear I’ll never get used to it.

For me, I found it extremely beneficial while having to wait during a time of major financial struggle. We had a tenant who is very behind on making payments because they are getting ready to purchase the property from us. It has caused major cash flow issues both professionally and personally during the transition.


Positive Potential & Negative Conditions

Take the Delosperma Flower Essence during any period of LACK. Lack of Appetite, Lack of Sleep, Lack of Finances, Lack of Hope, Faith or Expectancy, Lack of Determination or Self Confidence, Lack of Wisdom, Lack of Certainty or Creativity, Lack of Passion or Sex Drive etc. It is especially helpful when the LACK is long standing and chronic which produces worry or apathetic hopelessness. It is great when you feel others have abandoned you and are responsible for your lack. Also, when you feel you are going it alone. Therefore, it helps with anxious worry, abandonment issues, forgiveness, builds patience, tolerance and belief in yourself. It is tolerant, protective, adaptive, and resourceful. It enables us to set boundaries and boosts our survival instincts and self-worth. It gives us the ability to wait with a good, calm and expectant attitude. Try also during times of transition especially when others are the cause of the transition. Like the Delosperma flower itself, it helps to weather any storm.


Delosperma – Tested as Associated With:

Keywords: Lack, Abandonment, Feeling Vulnerable, Survival Instincts, Resourcefulness, Patience, Protection, Tolerance, Anxious Worry, Forgiveness, Setting Boundaries, Good Attitude While Waiting, Times of Transition, Calm

Meridians: Small Intestine, Spleen, Stomach, Triple Warmer

Chakras: Solar Plexus (Navel), Root (Base), Crown

Organs & Systems: Small Intestines, Pancreas, Metabolism, Stomach, Circulation, CNS