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Preliminary Research Says Try Delosperma For:
Lack, Abandonment, Feeling Vulnerable, Survival Instincts, Resourcefulness, Patience, Protection, Tolerance, Anxious Worry, Forgiveness, Setting Boundaries, Good Attitude While Waiting, Times of Transition, & Calm




Save on Gardenia!

Save on GARDENIA! 

Gardenia: Far More to Offer Than Just Its Beauty and Lovely Smell!


Preliminary Research Says Try Gardenia For:
Returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources.



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Olive (Olea europaea) image

Save on OLIVE 

Olive – Dr. Bach’s Natural Energy Booster


Olive is Dr. Edward Bach’s energetic, renewal & regeneration flower essence remedy. It can quickly take someone from total & complete physical and or mental FATIGUE, exhaustion & weariness to strength, vitality, vigor, renewed interest & FEELING energized.





Walnut (Juglans regia) image

Save on WALNUT 

Walnut – Dr. Bach’s Flower of Steadfast Protection


Walnut is the Steadfast & Protection Bach Flower Essence. From Over-Sensitive to Outside Forces, Excessive Trust & Lacking Assertiveness to Defensive Strength, Inner Stability, Assertive & Able To Withstand Toxicity, Strong People, Germs and Allergies





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Save on CRAVE

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Ready For Shopping For That Bikini? Here’s Your Chance to Stick to a Diet & SAVE!


CRAVE Was Designed to Help You Make the Best Possible Choices, Break Addictions, Cravings, & Compulsions. It Helps Boost Willpower, Resolve, & Restores a “Can-Do” Attitude! It’s Perfect for Starting a 12 Step Program, Changing Your Diet or Sticking to a Workout Plan.




Save on ALL BETTERChoose Size15 ml Bottle $11.95 USDSample Vial $2.20 USD


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Allergy Season is Here! Be Prepared & Fight Back with All Better…


Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings. This One is Great Anytime You Just Need to Feel Better Fast!



Blessings & Healing For 2 Dogs & 1 Family

Others Are Saying About Our Flower Essences

Here is another wonderful testimony about several products.  I have been meaning to post this one for a while.

Dr. Darla

I am sorry I did not think to write this sooner 🙂  I have had really good results with the Grief and Stress when I alternate shots – especially when I am pulling my hair out over something one of the kids has done. 🙂  I am sure you can relate.

I wanted to share with you a story about my dogs.  Several weeks back, Oscar had some severe intestinal problems resulting in blood in his stool.  I took him to the vet and they treated him with several different prescriptions.  He did not seem to be getting better so I asked Lori Goodwin, my holistic practitioner, to check him and see what she recommended for him.

She recommended several different supplements, one of which was the All Better Flower Essence.  The very first time I went to add it to the water bowl, Maggie nearly attacked me trying to get to the water.  Maggie is not a small dog and weighs about 55 pounds, so her jumping up on me was quite noticeable! 🙂  As soon as I put the bowl down, she immediately drank a large amount.  It was not that she was just thirsty because they get fresh water several times a day, there was something she was needing in the flower essences.  Maggie was not even sick, that I know of, but she clearly wanted some component of the All Better flower remedy.

She continued to do this for nearly a week and then one day, she did not seem to care anymore.  I am not sure what she was needing in the All Better, but she seemed to benefit from it. Oscar is also doing better and doesn’t have the intestinal problems anymore.  So, you helped both of my dogs! 🙂

Thanks for combining several essences into one product to target specific complaints.  I keep All Better, Stress, Sleep, Student and Grief on hand and purchase a new bottle when the volume of any of them becomes low.

Thanks for helping me with my furbabies as well as with my human family members. 🙂  Please feel free to share this story with others if you like!


Homeopathic Treatment for Student’s Learning, Memory, Retention & Comprehension

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student imageDesigned to Support Learning, Retention & Comprehension. It Prevents Distraction, Daydreaming, Carelessness & Boredom. It Aids Observation & Memory.

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Student: a Combination Remedy

Any full time student would agree that to be a skilled and diligent learner requires mental agility and even physical endurance.

It is particularly challenging to be forced to study a subject you don’t care about or like. Many kids think “I’ll never actually use this stuff in the real world”.

We put together the essences that will support both the mental requirements and the right attitudes to ensure a most successful student.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Student

image of cerato - Ceratostigma willmottiana Blessed Flower Essences IconCeratoCeratostigma Willmottiana

This flower essence fosters conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, judgment and instincts. It prevents one from being easily distracted or influenced, especially by opinions or actions of others. Cerato would help one be able to stand against peer pressure. It would also be indicated if the student has to play teacher’s pet.

Image of Chestnut Bud Blessed Flower Essences IconChestnut BudAesculus Hippocastanum

This flower essence is the remedy of choice for all learning disabilities. It increases concentration, inattentiveness, carelessness, observation, and absentmindedness. It is good for retaining memory, or as one client called “brain farts” or any time where observation is important.

Image of clematis vitalba Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisClematis Vitalba

An essence for daydreaming, mental fuzziness or anytime one becomes withdrawn into fantasy. It boosts creativity, mental clarity, alertness, problem solving and goal setting. This is an essence that is included in Dr. Bach Original Rescue Remedy.

Image of Hornbeam Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeamCarpinus Betulus

This floral essence was selected for its ability to rid lack of interest in learning or school work. It is good for combating the Monday morning blues, burnout, dread, boredom and general weariness. It is perfect for the reluctant “do I have to” or “I don’t wanna” student.

Image of Impatiens Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiens Impatiens Glandulifera

This is the flower remedy for driven, impatient, restless people who rush through work and are prone to careless errors. Areas most effected by this would be spelling, typos, careless math computations, or when taking multiple choice testing – Especially when it is a choose the best choice style test. It calms frustration and anxiety which is also helpful during testing. Additionally, it can ease fidgeting or hyperactivity.

Image of Olive Blessed Flower Essences IconOliveOlea Europaea

This essence was chosen to help combat weariness, exhaustion, a lack of energy and interest. It helps to renew ones ability to cope with responsibilities and promotes endurance.

Image of Scleranthus Blessed Flower Essences IconScleranthusScleranthus Annuus

Anytime there is an indecisive, waffling, debating with back and forth deliberations this is the flower essence to take. It instills a open, flexible, curious mind who is able to make confident decisions. This essence is another that will aid testing. It also restores distractions, lack of concentration, mental inconsistencies, erratic or unreliable behavior and moods. It is also helpful for stuttering.


Sleep: a Blend of Flower Essences for Insomnia, Mental Calm, Relaxation & Rest

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restful sleep imageDesigned to Help You Get a Restful Night Sleep. It Offers Mental & Physical Calmness & Relaxation. It Soothes Anxieties, a Racing Mind, Stress & Tension

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Sleep: a Combination Remedy

Find out why this powerful flower essence combination bouquet is our top seller! So many people who came through our healing and teaching center had

  • Insomnia
  • Night waking
  • Restless sleep
  • Wake feeling completely unrested

in fact the Bed-Time Aura Patch was a top seller both in the clinic and online for that reason.

We have chosen the flower essences that will address the mental issues associated with sleeplessness along with the physical tension.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Sleep

Image of Agrimony Blessed Flower Essences IconAgrimony Agrimonia EupatoriaThis essence could be indicated when there is mental torment, you lie in bed fantasizing and where there is the tendency to suppress anxiety and fears. This type also tends to be people who stuff their feelings and frequently are emotional eaters.
Image of Elm Blessed Flower Essences IconElmUlmus ProceraThis is the flower essence of choice for feeling overwhelmed, acute crisis from excessive ambition or when someone has pushed themselves past their limits. It reduces stress and pressure associated with performance and helps one to stay calm.
Image of Oak Blessed Flower Essences IconOakQuercus RoburMany times an inability to sleep is because we can’t put our day’s work to bed. Anytime there is relentlessness, compulsion to work and keep going while ignoring the needs of the body. When feeling like your going to miss something while sleeping, this is the remedy of choice. It helps bring relaxation and the ability to yield to sleep.
Image of Olive Blessed Flower Essences IconOliveOlea EuropaeaAnytime there is long standing strain or stress this is the best flower essence. Nothing sets up this condition more than long standing insomnia. It helps fight exhaustion, weakness and weariness. It helps restore sound sleep and helps prevent night waking.
Image of Rock Rose Blessed Flower Essences IconRock RoseHelianthemum NummulariumThis flower essence was chosen for its ability to combat anxiety, hysteria, panic attacks, fright or paranoia. It helps manage any fight or flight response and helps strengthen adrenal glands. When there are weakness in these areas an inability to sleep would definitely come into play. It restores calm, courage and clear and rational thinking.
Image of Vervain Blessed Flower Essences IconVervainVerbena OfficinalisAnytime one is overly intense, high strung, over achievers who are passionate about their work or causes this is the flower remedy to take. Just look at the flower… It looks like it is trying to climb the corporate ladder. Many times an inability to sleep can be about lying in bed building empires or strategic planning.
Image of White Chestnut Blessed Flower Essences IconWhite ChestnutAesculus HippocastanumThis is the flower remedy when there is an overactive mind, when there is a flurry of mental activity, obsessive or racing thoughts, songs that “get stuck in your head”. If you have ever needed a stop or pause button on the mind, this is the essence of choice. This is usually a primary cause of sleeplessness and insomnia.


Need Peace? Bach Flower Remedy For Injury, Shock, Calm, Serenity & Protection

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peaceful waterfall imageDesigned to Support the Body During Times of Injury & Shock. Also, Anytime When Calmness, Protection, Balance, Rationality, or Clarity is Needed.

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Peace: a Combination Remedy

This lovely bouquet started as a modern day version of Dr. Edward Bach’s Original Rescue Remedy.

We’re convinced if Dr. Bach were alive today he would have included walnut. It protects us from outside influences which are everywhere. Every day we are bombarded with mass media, marketing & advertising messages, microwaves, radio waves, surveys, opinion polls, food additives you name it.

Dr. Birchall-Nofziger also wanted to add her personal favorite – Holly… which definitely has its place in this bouquet.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Peace

Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower Essences IconCherry PlumPrunus CerasiferaThis flower essence quite possibly has the ability to end domestic violence. When stress brings about behaving badly, sometimes even out of character, those who snap or fly into fits of rage, over-reacting or “blow up” could be greatly soothed with this remedy. It restores calmness and rationality.
Image of Clematis Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisClematis VitalbaAny time one is withdrawn into fantasy, inattentive or unhappy or indifferent to the present, or where there is a tendency towards drowsiness, unconsciousness, or fainting. It brings creativity, clarity, alertness, problem solving and motivation.
Image of Holly Blessed Flower Essences IconHollyIlex AquifoliumSomeone once said Holly was the Holy Spirit. Holly allows the full expression of true self-less love. It brings gentility, respect of self and others. It rids all extreme emotions like rage, envy, jealousy, suspicion, greed, resentment, intolerance, and argumentativeness just to name a few common.
Image of Impatiens Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiensImpatiens GlanduliferaAnytime there is impatience, restlessness, irritability, short lived temper blow ups, nervousness, road rage, when delays just about send one over the edge this is the indicated flower essence. It helps restore inner peace, patience, relaxation, and soothes frustrations.
Image of Rock Rose Blessed Flower Essences IconRock Rose Helianthemum MummulariumAn imbalance with this personality type could be summed up with Drama Queen! It is indicated when one has overly dramatic, over-reacting or inappropriate reactions. It is perfect in times of panic attack, terror, hysteria and shock and trauma. It helps us keep our composure and stay calm and clear thinking in extreme stress.
Image of Star of Bethlehem Blessed Flower Essences IconStar of BethlehemOrnithogalum UmbellatumThis is the flower essence to take when there is shock from bad news, inconsolable grief, disappointment, fright, injury or when someone can only speak about misfortunes. It helps foster healthy and positive attitudes. It helps soothe and comforts pains, sorrow, and grief. It restores balance and focus in life.
Image of Walnut Blessed Flower Essences IconWalnutJuglans RegiaWalnut is the essence for all difficulties and stress from life changes. It protects us from outside influences such as people and events. It also helps us break away from the past which is necessary to press on to the future. It provides defensive strength against toxicity, invasive organisms, negativity of others, or things we can’t control. It brings inner stability, protection and assertiveness.


Allergy Cold & Flu Relief! Natural Homeopathic Bach Flower Combination Remedy

Designed to Reduce Allergies, Colds, Flu, & Infections. It Aids Detox & Cleansing. It is Helpful to Use Topically for Eczema, Hives, Itching & Stings

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All Better: a Combination Remedy

Isn’t it easiest to misbehave when you just don’t feel well? This one is good when you just want to feel better.

It is shocking how many people are overly sensitive to their environment. Allergies are one of the most common affliction that have people seeking alternative medicine and holistic care.

Further, most people believe they have chronic infection, parasites, yeast or fungal over growths. This is the powerful bouquet that was developed to target these issues. This is a popular one to use topically as well for eczema, hives, itching, bug bites, stings or for other boo-boos.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in All Better

Image of Beech Blessed Flower IconBeech Fagus SylvaticaBeech is the primary flower essence for all things intolerant. This makes it a perfect choice for handling allergies. It helps calm nerves and over reaction to substances. It can be used topically for hives, eczema or itching.
Image of Cherry Plum Blessed Flower IconCherry PlumPrunus CerasiferaThis is the remedy for handling any type of loss of control. It was selected for this bouquet for its ability to quiet a cough and for stopping vomiting or diarrhea.
Image of Crab Apple Blessed Flower IconCrab AppleMalus PumilaThis flower essence is the cleansing remedy for toxins, pathogens, and negativity. Anytime there is impurity or contamination this should be your go-to. It helps rid toxicity, poisoning, skin conditions, infections and body odor.
Image of Gorse Blessed Flower IconGorseUlex EuropaeusRecovery from illness cannot even begin if one doesn’t believe they can recover or heal. Gorse was chosen for its ability to restore the belief in healing and recovery. Anytime chronic illness is involved gorse should be considered.
Image of Olive Blessed Flower IconOliveOlea EuropaeaBy adding, this remedy we have addressed the lack of vitality or even exhaustion felt from allergies or during the healing process. Anytime one is feeling depleted, weakened or during long periods of illness this flower essence should be considered.
Image of Walnut Blessed Flower IconWalnutJuglans RegiaWalnut is the essence for all outside influences such as people, toxicity, allergens, and negativity in general. This remedy was chosen for its ability to protect from microbes or environmental sensitivity.
Image of Willow Blessed Flower IconWillowSalix VitellinaThis is the remedy of choice for helping to rid pus and mucous especially the throaty phlegm coughs or congestion. It also helps to calm some of the symptoms of over reactivity from allergies.