Sleep: a Blend of Flower Essences for Insomnia, Mental Calm, Relaxation & Rest

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restful sleep imageDesigned to Help You Get a Restful Night Sleep. It Offers Mental & Physical Calmness & Relaxation. It Soothes Anxieties, a Racing Mind, Stress & Tension

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Sleep: a Combination Remedy

Find out why this powerful flower essence combination bouquet is our top seller! So many people who came through our healing and teaching center had

  • Insomnia
  • Night waking
  • Restless sleep
  • Wake feeling completely unrested

in fact the Bed-Time Aura Patch was a top seller both in the clinic and online for that reason.

We have chosen the flower essences that will address the mental issues associated with sleeplessness along with the physical tension.

7 Blessed Flower Essences in Sleep

Image of Agrimony Blessed Flower Essences IconAgrimony Agrimonia EupatoriaThis essence could be indicated when there is mental torment, you lie in bed fantasizing and where there is the tendency to suppress anxiety and fears. This type also tends to be people who stuff their feelings and frequently are emotional eaters.
Image of Elm Blessed Flower Essences IconElmUlmus ProceraThis is the flower essence of choice for feeling overwhelmed, acute crisis from excessive ambition or when someone has pushed themselves past their limits. It reduces stress and pressure associated with performance and helps one to stay calm.
Image of Oak Blessed Flower Essences IconOakQuercus RoburMany times an inability to sleep is because we can’t put our day’s work to bed. Anytime there is relentlessness, compulsion to work and keep going while ignoring the needs of the body. When feeling like your going to miss something while sleeping, this is the remedy of choice. It helps bring relaxation and the ability to yield to sleep.
Image of Olive Blessed Flower Essences IconOliveOlea EuropaeaAnytime there is long standing strain or stress this is the best flower essence. Nothing sets up this condition more than long standing insomnia. It helps fight exhaustion, weakness and weariness. It helps restore sound sleep and helps prevent night waking.
Image of Rock Rose Blessed Flower Essences IconRock RoseHelianthemum NummulariumThis flower essence was chosen for its ability to combat anxiety, hysteria, panic attacks, fright or paranoia. It helps manage any fight or flight response and helps strengthen adrenal glands. When there are weakness in these areas an inability to sleep would definitely come into play. It restores calm, courage and clear and rational thinking.
Image of Vervain Blessed Flower Essences IconVervainVerbena OfficinalisAnytime one is overly intense, high strung, over achievers who are passionate about their work or causes this is the flower remedy to take. Just look at the flower… It looks like it is trying to climb the corporate ladder. Many times an inability to sleep can be about lying in bed building empires or strategic planning.
Image of White Chestnut Blessed Flower Essences IconWhite ChestnutAesculus HippocastanumThis is the flower remedy when there is an overactive mind, when there is a flurry of mental activity, obsessive or racing thoughts, songs that “get stuck in your head”. If you have ever needed a stop or pause button on the mind, this is the essence of choice. This is usually a primary cause of sleeplessness and insomnia.