3rd Party Product Review

Welcome to the MotherhoodSeveral months ago we submitted 3 of our products to an Independent 3rd party reviewer – Welcome to the Motherhood.  No monetary exchange occurred in exchange for the writing of their review.  The views expressed in this review are completely unbiased and strictly that of the reviewer.

Here are a couple of quotes taken directly from that review:

About Family Bliss, Hil’Lesha, the reviewer, writes…  I can see how this product will work for someone who is dealing with stress within their family, because I feel calm, clear-headed, and together when I use this product.”

About Peace, she wrote…  “He also doesn’t seem like he is as stressed out by it like he was at first. Perhaps, this product has been working after all.”

Lastly, Stress, was also well received with… “Thankfully, there are products like this that will help ease the problem(s) by restoring calmness, patience, stability, and rationality that you’ll need in any situation. I believe that it’s helpful, because I feel much calmer and peaceful these days even though I have everyday worries like everyone else out there. While it doesn’t magically make a situation disappear, it does make things much more tolerable.”

Nothing is more satisfying to us than truly making a difference in people’s lives.  Especially children who are unable to voice, understand, or change their struggles.

We want to extend a sincere Thank You to Hil’Lesha for taking the time to use our products with her family and report her findings on Welcome to the Motherhood.

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Pain, Pain Go Away… Peace to the Rescue Again!

Here is another great story & testimony about how good Peace is for pain management

So I dropped a salad dressing bottle right on my big toe.  It was one of those hopping around moments, wincing, moaning, muttering, throbbing, throbbing can’t focus on anything – You know one of those that just bloody HURTS moments!  On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it about a 9.  BTW for the record I have a really high tolerance for pain too.  It both bruised the bone & abraded the skin.  One of those times when you seriously ask yourself  “Did I just break my foot?!”

I have to hobble to the girl’s room to get my bottle of Peace.  Anytime they have a boo-boo or they get grumpy with each other they use it.  So basically it usually stays in their room!  I fix up some water with the Blessed Flower Essence – Peace and drink it.  It brings my pain down to probably a 6 but I still can’t focus on much else.  Next I pour some of the water directly on my foot and immediately it goes to a 1 maybe a 2!  Ahhhaaah…  Relief – Thank you Lord!  At that point I was able to bend and flex it to see if a fracture was likely…  Good I can bend and move it without adding too much pain.

You would think by now I would be used to the healing power of the flower essences but they always surprise me.  I just wanted to take a second to sing their praises!