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Our Specialty… Combination Flower Remedies

These kits feature all our popular multi-chord combination flower essence remedies. All but one flower combination remedy has a total of 16 healing frequencies for each flower essence. In other words, our combination essence products provide at least 112 separate healing instructions versus other remedies that provide only 1! “Blooming Emergency”… our blessed multi-chord version of Bach’s Original Rescue Remedy only contains the essences of 5 flowers (16*5 = only 80 healing messages)

Both the flowers chosen and our proprietary vibrational frequencies were selected, researched, and tested by Dr. Birchall-Nofziger, ND, Bioenergetic Physiologist & Researcher. They were chosen for their ability to target acute or chronic emotions. They also address surface or deep energetic blocks or tissues. Going “deep” is important when wanting to use the flowers for pain or detoxification therapy or when doing energetic corrections to remove blockages. We believe we’ve designed a flower essence kit that meets every emotional, spiritual, mental & physical need for all your real life circumstances. You’ll get these 21 powerful all natural healing flower remedies. As a Special Bonus we’ll even include Spiritual Bliss For ~FREE~!

Get All 21 Combination Flower Essence Remedies
(+ Bonus) – In One Convenient Set!

Alert ~ All Better ~ Anger ~ Anxiety ~ Blooming Emergency ~ Condemned ~ Crave ~ Depression ~Family Bliss ~ Fatigue ~ Forgiveness ~ Grief ~ Lonely ~ Peace ~ Professional ~ Self Esteem ~ Sleep ~
Spiritual Bliss ~ Stress ~ Student ~ Transition ~ Workaholic

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Single Flower Essences Box Kit – (40 Remedies Total!)

Kits for single flowers include all Bach’s 38 original flowers, + Gardenia (a favorite of our Founder) and one combination of choice. Each essence is a powerful multi-chord remedy containing a total of 16 vibrational healing frequencies. 8 target acute situations & surface tissues and 8 target chronic conditions & deep tissues. This naturally boosts the healing power of each remedy.

Practitioners & Moms can use these stock essence kits can make hundreds of, if not thousands, custom remedies for clients or family members. If you are using them to make your own custom formulations, we highly recommend you include several drops of cellfood. This ensures the essences go directly to the cells where they are most needed. Also, try adding them to your favorite healing tools to dramatically boost their healing properties! Some of our favorites are… Herbal Teas, Smoothies, Protein Shakes, Green Drinks, Essential Oils, Clay Packs & other Poultices, Salves, Creams, Lotions, Baths, Bath Salts, Facial Products – The list is endless.

Get All 39 Stock Flower Essences + Combination Remedy of Choice!

Cherry Plum
Chestnut Bud
Crab Apple
*Gardenia Gentian
Red Chestnut
Rock Rose
Rock Water
Star of Bethlehem
Sweet Chestnut
Water Violet
White Chestnut
Wild Oat
Wild Rose

*Exclusive Blessed Flower Essence Original

**Includes Shipping to USA – International will be billed shipping

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Energetic Muscle or Biofeedback Testing Card Set

Attention all Clinical or Applied Kinesiologists, Bioenergetic Researchers, Practitioners or Amateur Muscle Testers

Image of Bioenergetic EAV Testing We encourage you to test and compare our essences to other Bach flower essences on the market. We’re confident, our multi-chord essences will grow on you too! Use these cards to test and buy only your best healing match(es), produce your own custom remedies, or drop-ship custom remedies to your clients, patients or family members. Image of Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing

Sample Muscle Testing Card (Front)

Muscle Testing Card Sets Energetic Signatures of Our Entire Multi-Chord Flower Essence Remedy Line.

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Sample Muscle Testing Card (Back)