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Single Blessed Flower Essences (Bach’s Original Remedies)

Agrimony Image (agrimonia eupatoria) Blessed Flower Essences IconAgrimony – The Communication, Openness & Honesty Bach Flower Remedy.  From Denial, Insincere or Pretended Happiness to True Inner Peace & Acceptance.

Aspen Image (Populus tremula) Blessed Flower Essences IconAspen Bach’s Courageous, Sensitive, Psychic & Fearless Flower Essence.  From Dark Ominous, Other Worldly, Spooky Premonitions to Conscious Perception & Discernment.

Beech Image (Fagus sylvatica) Blessed Flower Essences IconBeech – The Tolerance, Compassionate, & Accepting of Others Bach Flower Essence, From the Critical, Judgmental, Complaining to Tolerant, Compromising, Accepting & Understanding.

centaury image (Centaurium umbellatum) Blessed Flower Essences IconCentaury – Bach’s Service, Boundary & Self Awareness Flower Remedy.  From Passive, Easily Exploited, Subservient to Purposeful Active Service, Ability to Stand Ground & Say “NO”.

cerato image (Ceratostigma willmottiana) Blessed Flower Essences IconCerato – The Thoughtful, Intuitive, Confident Bach Flower Essence.  From Misguided, Indecisive Hesitation, Confusion & Advice Seeking to Inner Guidance, Certainty & Trust.

6_Cherry_Plum_Prunus_cerasifera Blessed Flower Essences IconCherry Plum – Bach’s Rational, Calm & Self-Control Flower Remedy.  From Fear of or Losing Control of Mind, Bodily Functions, or Temper to Inner Trust, Courage, & Stability

Chestnut Bud image (aesculus hippocastanum) Blessed Flower Essences IconChestnut Bud – The Experienced, Observation & Learning Bach Flower Essence.  From Repeating Mistakes, Arguments & Life Lessons to Deep Comprehension, Attention & Wisdom

Chicory image (Cichorium intybus) Blessed Flower Essences IconChicory – Bach’s Self-Less, Warm, Kind, & Maternal Love Flower Remedy.  From Possessive, Manipulative, Controlling, & Demanding Love to True Concerned, Unconditional Freely Given Love

Clematis vitalba image Blessed Flower Essences IconClematisThe Conscious, Alert, & Reality Bach Flower Essence Remedy.  From Fantasizing, Inattentive, Distracted, Daydreamers to Creative, Problem Solving, Motivated & Active Realist

Crab Apple image (Malus Pumila) Blessed Flower Essences IconCrab Apple – Bach’s Purifying, Orderly & Cleansing Flower Essence.  From Perfectionist Demanding Cleanliness & Feels Toxic, Sinful, Dirty or Disgusted to True Self-Love & Acceptance

Elm image (Ulmus procera) Blessed Flower Essences IconElmThe Overwhelmed, Crisis & Responsibility Bach Flower Remedy.  From Excessive Ambition, Goals, Over-stimulation & Need to Achieve to Calm, Focused, Confident, Centered & Task Oriented 

Gentian image (Gentiana amarella) Blessed Flower Essences IconGentian – Bach’s Overcoming, Optimistic, Belief Flower Essence.  From Discouraged, Disheartened, Pessimistic & Skeptic Doubt to Strengthened Will, Resolve, Endurance, & Unshakable Hope, Faith & Trust

Gorse image (Ulex europaeus) Blessed Flower Essences IconGorse – The Secure, Hope & Faith Restoring Bach Flower Remedy.  From Chronic Hopelessness, Depression, Resignation, Ambivalence & Despair to Deep Felt Security, Serenity & Ability to Fight, Recover or Heal

Heather image (Calluna vulgaris) Blessed Flower Essences IconHeather – Bach’s Listening, Helping & Encouraging Flower Essence.  From Needy, Self-Centered, Talkative, Attention Seeking to Confident, Empathetic, Sympathetic, Concern and Self-Less Nurturing

Holly (ilex aquifolium) Image Blessed Flower Essences IconHolly – The Loving, Heart Opening / Softening Bach Flower Essence Remedy.  From Angry, Aggressive, Envious, Vengeful, Greedy, Intolerant, & Distrustful to Generous, Loving, Trusting, Calm, Patient & Gentle

Honey Suckle (Lonicera Caprifolium) image Blessed Flower Essences IconHoneysuckle – Bach’s Nostalgic, Homesick, Letting Go of The Past Floral Remedy.  From Past Obsessions Good or Bad, Constant Reminiscing, Reliving Memories to Living in the Present / Now, Current Affairs & Productivity

Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) image Blessed Flower Essences IconHornbeam – The Motivated, Active, & Vitality Bach Flower Essence.  From Weary, Procrastination, Burnout, Dread, Mental Fatigue, Stagnation & Staleness to Enthusiasm, Success, Achievement, Strength & Energized

impatiens glandulifera image Blessed Flower Essences IconImpatiens – Bach’s Stable, Patiently Waiting Flower Essence Remedy.  From Tense, Impulsive, Restless, Rushing, Impatient, Irritable, & Driven to Capable, Productive, Relaxed, Calm, Sensitive & Patient

Larch (Larix decidua) Blessed Flower Essences IconLarch – The Determined & Self-Confident Bach Flower Essence.  From Feeling Inferior, Incapable, Hesitant, & Comparing Yourself to Others to Personal Development, Self Confidence, Objectivity, & Belief in Success

Mimulus guttatus image Blessed Flower Essences IconMimulus – Bach’s Brave, Courageous & Bold Flower Remedy.  From Many Known Fears, Shy, Timid, Frail, Hypersensitive, Nervous, Blushing, & Stammering to Meeting Challenges, Composed, & Courageously Trying New Things

Mustard (Sinapis arvensis) image Blessed Flower Essences IconMustard – The Joyous, Lighthearted, Sunshine Bach Flower Essence Remedy.  From Depression Without Reason, Gloom & Doom, & Sudden Deep Despair to Inner Peace, Stability, Humor, Joy, & Enthusiasm

Oak (Quercus robur) image Blessed Flower Essences IconOak – Bach’s Dutiful, Strong & Endurance Flower Essence.  From Relentless, Stubborn, Uncompromising, Overworked, Workaholic to Relaxation, Dependable, Renewed Interest & Flexibility

Olive (Olea europaea) image Blessed Flower Essences IconOlive – The Energetic, Renewal & Regeneration Bach Flower Remedy.  From Complete & Total Physical & Mental Fatigue, Exhaustion & Weariness to Strength, Vitality, Vigor, Restored Interests & Energy

Pine (Pinus sylvestris) image Blessed Flower Essences IconPine – Bach’s Self-Worth, Self-Affirming, & Self-Acceptance Flower Essence.  From Self-Blame, Guilt, Apologetic, Overachieving Perfectionists, Feeling Not Good Enough & Inadequate to Self-Respect, Objective Awareness, Forgiving Kindness to Self, & Healthy Pride

Red Chestnut (Aesculus carnea) image Blessed Flower Essences IconRed Chestnut – The Letting Go of Loved Ones & Independence Allowing Bach Flower Essence.  From Over-protectiveness, Fear, Over-concern, Fret, or Excessive Worry about Loved Ones to Sympathetic, Comforting & Nurturing without Smothering

Rock Rose (helianthemum nummularium) Blessed Flower Essences IconRock Rose – Bach’s Resilient, Calm Emergency Flower Remedy.  From Hysteria, Panic, Shock, Trauma & Overly Dramatic to Calm, Unbiased, Impartial, Clear Thinking, Composed & Heroic Courage in Extreme Stress

Rock Water image Blessed Flower Essences IconRock Water – The Open-Minded, Carefree & Flexibility Bach Flower Essence.  From Stubborn Dogmatic Perfectionist, Unyielding, Rigid, Serious, Meticulous to a Just, Strong Leader Who is Flexible, Content, Gentile, & Allows for Adjustments

Scleranthus annuus image Blessed Flower Essences IconScleranthus – Bach’s Decision Making & Balance Restoring Flower Essence.  From Indecision, Hesitancy, Waffling, Double Mindedness, Mood Swings, Erratic & Distracted to Stable, Consistent, Flexible, Clear Mind That Makes Quick, Confident & Sound Decisions

Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum umbellatum) image Blessed Flower Essences IconStar of Bethlehem – The Soothing & Comfort Flower Essence Remedy.  From Devastating Shock, Injury, Fright, Inconsolable Grief, & Torment by Painful Memories & Events to Positive Attitude, Balance, Overcomes, Forgives & Forgets Misfortunes

Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) image Blessed Flower Essences IconSweet Chestnut – Bach’s Perspective & Deliverance Flower Remedy.  From Intense Sorrow & Hopelessness, Feeling on Edge of Ruin & Destruction to Optimism, Peace of Mind, Faith & Finding Inner Support to Face Situations.

Vervain (verbena officinalis) Blessed Flower Essences IconVervain – The Altruistic, Humane & Enthusiasm Bach Flower Essence.  From Intense, High Strung, Fanatical Overachieving Slave Drivers Who are Obsessed with Their “Cause” to Balanced, Enthusiastic, Self-less, Can-Do Idealist, Able to Set Priorities & Serve Others

Vine (Vitis vinifera) image Blessed Flower Essences IconVine – Bach’s Respectful Leader & Authority Flower Remedy.  From Overbearing, Inflexible, Self-Righteous, Tyrannical & Power Hungry to Flexible Understanding, Encouraging Leader Who Earns & Gives Respect Effortlessly

Walnut (Juglans regia) image Blessed Flower Essences IconWalnut – The Steadfast & Protection Bach Flower Essence.  From Over-Sensitive to Outside Forces, Excessive Trust & Lacking Assertiveness to Defensive Strength, Inner Stability, Assertive & Able To Withstand Toxicity, Strong People, Germs and Allergies etc.

Water Violet (Hottonia palustris) Blessed Flower Essences IconWater Violet – Bach’s Communication, Sharing & Intimacy Flower Remedy.  From Withdrawn, Quiet, Private, Isolated, Loner, Unapproachable, Self-Reliant, & Independent Wall Flower to Social, Friendly Communicator, Open Understanding & Empathizing With Others

White Chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum) Blessed Flower Essences IconWhite Chestnut – The Mind Calming & Quieting Bach Flower Essence.  From Persistent, Racing, Obsessive Overactive Thoughts, & Mental Fixations to Agile, Clear, Focused, Concentrated Thinking

Wild Oat (Bromus ramosus) Blessed Flower Essences IconWild Oat – Bach’s Vocational, Purpose & Calling Flower Remedy.  From Lack of Purpose, Calling, Goals or Commitment, & Discontentment to Self-Realization, Intuition, Clarity & Constructive Use of Resources & Talents

Wild Rose (rosa canina) image Blessed Flower Essences IconWild Rose – The Happy, Vibrant & Zest for Life Bach Flower Essence Remedy.  From Apathetic, Monotony, Boredom, Downhearted Resignation to Spontaneous, Enthusiastic, Vitality, Adventure, Excited & Motivated

Willow (Salix vitellina) Blessed Flower Essences IconWillow – Bach’s Destiny & Personal Responsibility Flower Remedy.  From Bitter, Resentful, Self-Destructive, Grudge Holding, Self-Pity, Victim to Forgiving & Forgetting, Understanding, Contentment & Acceptance